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  • Stand Up for Trump!

    by Founder on April 29, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Do you see the protests occurring at the Trump rallies?

    Do you see the types of people protesting? And what they are doing?

    Now is the time to stand up for Trump and to stand up for America.

    Trump just had a rally in California and the protestors were disgusting.

    They were violent – mostly illegal immigrants marching in the streets and causing problems for America citizens.

    It is now time to stand up to these illiterate leftist thugs.

    These are the type of people Obama likes. He likes the “Occupy” types – he likes the illegals – he likes the “Black Lives Matters” types – these are his people.

    This is why Obama – the worst president in American history – is just sitting back and cheering on all these pathetic protestors.

    We need to have civilian groups who stand for America and who stand for Trump – at all of these allies.

    Do you think the protestors out number the true hard working citizens of this country? The answer is “no they do not”!

    We the People need to stand up for our country and stop radicals like Obama from destroying it.

    If protestors are hurling rocks at passing cars – then pepper spray them – for starters.

    If protestors are blocking the streets – then slowly run police vehicles through them – prompting them to move – if they don’t move then, well, that is on them (no pun intended).

    If protestors are assaulting attendees of these rallies – then pepper spray them, water hose them – whatever is necessary to back them down.

    We must meet their violence with our own violence. This is not their country – it is the American citizens who own this country – not the illegals and definitely not the politicians.

    The politicians are only in office TEMPORARILY – as long as we can pull off a non-rigged election we can vote out the scum that hate our country and vote in someone (Trump) who will fight for the people and put America first!

    If the protestors outnumber the police force – then bring in the military.

    It is one this to protest peacefully – it is another to protest in an attempt to silence opinion and to inflict harm on others.

    Those protesting are brainless morons who have no clue as to why they are protesting. They do not know the facts and in most cases they do not want to know the facts.

    Today’s style of protestor needs to be put in their place.

    Donald Trump is very close to being the next President of the United States and those in the establishment – those who hate the country – those who are reliant on the government for their existence and those who are dumbed down violent anti-American thugs – need to be put in their place by whatever means necessary.

    Thugs do not rule this country – the rule of law and hard working tax payers rule this country.

    So, coming up in Cleveland at the Republican Convention – when the loser lib assholes attempt to disrupt proceedings I am hoping that the patriots of this country are there to shut them down, out number them and show them that America is bigger than their sick desires.

    Good bye thugs – hello America.

    All you pathetic liberals who want Hillary over Trump – and all you pathetic people who will do anything to keep Trump from becoming President – you can all go fuck yourself.

    Trump will be President and your sick little party will be over. It is time, once again, to push American values and principles.

    Close the border. Stop illegals. Deport illegals. Stop radical Muslims from entering the country. Shut off the government gravy train – and set this country straight. Bye bye you pathetic libs – you and your buddy Obama will all rot in hell for the destruction to have brought to America. Adios.

    God bless America and our children’s future.


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