Obama’s Middle Class Destruction

by Founder on September 30, 2014

in Voice of the People

Hello everyone.

It has been a while since I have posted here – as the dirty liberals hacked my site and silenced me for a few months, but I am back and have much to say.

Since I was silenced Obama has been on his “destroy America” tour doing all he can to completely wipe out our economy and the livelihoods of the middle class.

Nothing is being done to improve the economy while everything is being done to destroy it.

In addition, this tyrant is destroying the world stage. From his bumbling of the ISIS situation to being ridiculed by Putin at every turn, Obama has made a mockery out of the United States.

Obama is a freak side show, amateur hour and a disgrace all wrapped up into one. His legacy will go down as a complete failure and one who openly hated our great country.

It is clear that Obama has a deep seeded hatred for America and is willing to destroy millions of Americans lives in the process.

America and our economy have no chance while Obama is in office.

The entire Congress and the House appear to all be in the tank with this loser – but why would this be? How can all these people be all of the sudden against America?

Is it that Washington is now filled with anti-American haters who do anything and everything Obama says?

Where is the spine of these people? Why would anyone roll over and be subservient to Obama? What has he got? He has nothing. He is nothing special. It just appears that all these politicians are being given the chance to openly hate this country and they are taking that opportunity.

Between now and January 2017 nothing is going to occur to make America better.

Our borders are wide open. There is unrivaled lawlessness within the politicians in Washington. The government is lying about every economic statistic and report. This is all in the playbook of a cheap Commie/Socialist – someone who wants to suppress the ingenuity and creativity of the entrepreneur class – someone who hates capitalism but loves spending money – in other words a disgusting hypocrite.

That’s what these people are who are running our country right now – hypocrites.

They claim to hate capitalism but the love to spend and steal money.

They claim to warn us on Global Warming – while they ride in their jets and SUV’s.

They rally against inequality while they make millions and millions.

Everything is backwards and upside down. America is in shambles right now and Obama is loving every minute of it.

The American population is getting severely diluted and what is left?

We have millions of illegal Hispanics and others who do not want to assimilate and will simply vote for the guy who gives away the free stuff.

We have millions more who just don’t give a shit. They are too busy watching dancing with the Stars – or have their faces buried in their cell phones 10 hours a day.

We have a society that is getting dumber by the day – they know nothing about current events or politics – and nor do they care. We have a generation or two who is growing up apathetic to what is happening – appeased only by their daily doses of dumbed down happiness.

We have a media that is for some reason deeply in bed with Obama and are cheering on everything he is doing.

The media protects him and hides the truth about so many things.

We have a media that is clearly complicit in the destruction of America as we know it. But why would they be doing this?

Is it all about money? Is it all about Obama contacting them and threatening them with sanctions, audits whatever – just so they will tow the line?

Is it all about Obama giving away millions if not billions to get these people in his back pocket – and it ids all about these losers accepting the money and sacrificing their principles and beliefs – just to be happy in the short time the good Lord gives us.

It is a sad state the country is in right now. Obama has sucked the life out of the middle class.

It was the middle class that made America and this is why he hates them.

It was the middle class that the less privileged were striving to be a part of – you know, to work hard and better your financial situation? Does that thought exist any more? Do people still think like that? Are there many who are trying to better themselves or is the population now content with living off the measly money the government gives them every month?

I am 53 and will not be here (most likely) in 50 years – so what is our great country going to look like at that time?

The liberal ideology will be long dead by then – it has taken Obama only 6 years to show us again that the pathetic Dems and now Repubs have no clue – they are all interested in advancing their own personal agenda to enrich themselves and give them perceived happiness while they are alive.

When they and we are all gone – they will not be able to take their ill gotten gains with them – but they will leave behind a desolate, depressing existence for those reaping the benefits of their failed policies.

All we can do is vote these fools out in ’14 and ’16 – or is a revolution necessary again? What will it take to remove the slime from Washington? Will it be done in our lifetime? Or do we need to train our kids to fight back against mediocrity, Socialism and big government?

Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us voice our opinion against Obama and everything he stand s for.

Join us today and make your voice heard.

God bless.



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