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  • What Does the Constitution Mean to You?

    by Founder on May 31, 1969

    in Voice of the People

    Here we are in the throws of a government take over by a mob rule mentality administration and America as we know it (or KNEW it) is on the brink of extinction. When this great country was formed by our founding fathers it was clear to these men what limitations and restrictions should be put on the Federal government – and the reason they knew what to do – was because they were :already “breaking free” from the rule of a King in England! – They knew the problems that could arise with this type of leadership and smartly wrote these precautions right into the Constitution.

    However, now our elected leaders feel that America has “changed” and that it is appropriate and necessary to alter the original Constitution – not just by adding Amendments – which the founding fathers allowed for – but by actually changing the intent and philosophy of the Constitution to fit their current non Capitalist ideology. In short – these idiots arrogantly feel they are wiser than our founding fathers. Yea right.

    The founding fathers warned against this mob rule by an ever growing and powerful Federal government – which is one of the many reasons the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution – to PROTECT the sovereignty of the States – at the expense of the Federal government. Yet now with Obama and his radical policies the Constitution is being ignored and trampled upon like no other time in American history. The Constitution means NOTHING to the Obama administration – what does it mean to you?

    The most important people in the country are the people who pay the salaries of these corrupt politicians – you and me. Since it is so apparent that the Constitution means nothing to those in power – then it really only matters what We the People think of the Constitution. Do you feel that it is worth fighting for? It is up to the people of this great country to steal back our government from our terrorist, radical un- American politicians. I don’t hear any really “American” statements coming out of this administration, do you? Do you hear anything but statements that make you want to scream with disgust? Do you have a hard time even believing these people “some how” got elected?

    The problem right now is that there are not enough people out there who are actually aware of what is transpiring in our government – and the level of corruption that exists. Most people don’t think the government would ever be so corrupt – and others just don’t care – this is how someone like Obama can be elected into office – someone with such radical and un-American philosophies. Those that supported him mostly voted AGAINST Bush and FOR something “new and different” – but little did they know that America was electing someone who would be so radical and so Socialist – even the world leaders think Obama is out of control and irresponsible with his massive debt creation and spending.

    So it is up to the people to stand for the Constitution and to go to any length necessary to uphold this document – in both its intent and word. We cannot rely on the government to unearth the Constitution – they do not care about it – We the People – must dig it up and hold it high – we must thrust it into the faces of our Congressmen and women and smother Nancy Pelosi in its words – and we MUST do this IMMEDIATELY or our great country will slip deeper and deeper into this third world mentality that Obama has brought to the White House.

    Please rise with me and make your voice heard. Stand for the Constitution – contact your Senator and Representative and tell them how important the Constitution is to you and SHOULD be to them! Please join the 9/12 Project with Glenn Beck and assemble peacefully around the country. We must make our voices heard on a national level and with huge numbers! Together as taxpayers and American citizens – who believe in the “true America” IF we act as one we can get our country back. Sign in and be counted as and American for the Constitution – Congratulations on your common sense and God Bless America!


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    Grant October 29, 2013

    I could not agree more it’s time to find someone with talent in public speaking because that is what it will take to get people to understand and frankly I. Don’t see why even Europe wouldn’t help us because they are furious with obama


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