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  • A Constitutional Abuse!

    by Founder on January 11, 2008

    in Voice of the People


    Have you heard the latest?

    This is an excellent example of our current political leaders attempting to abuse our great Constitution.

    The United States treasury wants to sell debt. They want to add money into the system – not by printing it this time but by actually selling debt. Yet currently and probably never will any audit be allowed – for the reason of determining how much gold we currently have as a nation – to back our dollars! Remember that our dollars at one time were actually backed by gold. Now they are simply backed by the US Treasury printing presses!

    The Fed wants to sell bonds!


    Please help me and stand up for what is right. We must stop our government from committing these atrocities and acts of treason against the United States. When will these people be called to the table to answer to their actions? Who is going to call them to the table?

    YOU and I – that’s who! But we must band together and let our voice be heard!

    Please, stand with me and let us save this country from slipping into socialism and these suicidal monetary policies – before it is too late!

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