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    by Founder on November 28, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    Hello all Americans. If you are visiting my site then you have an interest in the Constitution of the United States. If you are interested in the Constitution then you are probably concerned about what is happening with our government and our country.

    This blog is for and about all Americans who BELIEVE in what the Constitution says and stands for. We are Americans who want the government to begin anew – and once again abide by the words of our founding fathers. This blog represents a thorough discussion on the Constitution and the opportunity to VOICE YOUR OPINION on WHY the Constitution is important to you.

    Stand up for what you believe in and VOICE YOUR OPINION. Sign up today and be counted as an American who stands for and believes in the Constitution. Together “We the People” can make our voice heard and bring some sanity back to the governing of OUR wonderful country. This country is NOT owned by our politicians! Remember this! This country – The United States of America is owned and operated by “WE THE PEOPLE” – now stand up!

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