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    by Founder on November 29, 2008

    in Government, Voice of the People

    Do You Believe?

    Well, do you? How much do you believe in the Constitution? Do you believe in just parts of it? Or do you believe in all that it says? This is the forum where you can make your voice heard and stand up for what you truly believe in with regards to our great Constitution!

    Do you want to post all of your thoughts under a different name or do you want the world to know who you are? The point is – make your opinion heard! Use your voice! How are We the People going to take back our country from those who govern it solely for their own individual agendas? How are we to regain control of the decisions our political appointees make? The answer is with your voice.

    Can one person stand up and be heard? Alone? No. But in numbers – yes! Do you believe in the freedoms and the rights our great Constitution bestows upon us? Do you believe in the methods of democratic governing that our Founding Fathers intended for us to use?

    The people of this great land MUST learn the Constitution and its teachings. Know the Articles. Know the Amendments. Know how this great society was meant to be run and BY LAW should be run. Do not let those in power take the decision making capabilities away from We The People!

    Americans are so busy in their lives doing activities that are meaningless – having to do with TV or entertainment. When each of us (and I’m talking about everyone from ages 8-60) should be required to take a few minutes each day – maybe 30 or so – and study the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our national history and how our government works (is supposed to work).

    We have let these people in Washington run this country anyway they want with little regard for laws and the teachings of the Constitution – all while our backs have been turned. Now it’s time for the people of America to “face the music”. We must stand together and STOP the pillaging and corruptness that is occurring each and every day in our Federal government.

    Because we are over 230 years from its origin means that we must actively promote and encourage strict adherence to the plan that was laid out in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers – they KNEW what they were doing and have foreseen ALL of the difficulties that are occurring within our government – we must stop this current insanity!

    Our Constitution was written with far more objective and clearer heads than those running our government today.

    America was built from the Constitution and together, you and I can bring its strength back to the White House, back to Congress and back to our Supreme Court. Lord help this country and God Bless America. We must fight to get greed, arrogance and selfishness OUT of Washington and restore the character and patriotism that fueled the writing of our Constitution. Let’s do it for all the future generations so that this precious document does not wither away to being just another piece of paper.

    Please people, use this site to learn about the Constitution and its teachings. Make your voice heard and in numbers we can change the direction of America. Join me in this quest – We may only have four years! Stand Up!!

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