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  • What is the Constitution?

    by Founder on November 30, 2008

    in Government, Voice of the People

    The Constitution is an amazing document that has laid out the foundation for which America was built on and the rule of law.

    The Constitution does not grant us any rights directly rather it does grant the government the power to protect those rights. What do you think about that statement?

    The Constitution established the three branches of our government and created a system of checks and balances to keep any one branch from dominating the others. Do you think this is working today?

    The Constitution also creates and establishes the system for electing our federal officials and it also wisely limits their power.

    And lastly the Constitution lists our individual rights which are at the heart of what makes a Democracy thrive.

    These are the things the Constitution does for you and I. But it is not just a bunch of words. We, as a society, have agreed to live by the “spirit of the rules” that were presented to us in the Constitution. As time goes by, as the years and generations pass and we have great orators who can convince the masses of different paths to take – it is up to us – the believers in the Constitution, Liberty and conservative values – it is up to us to make our voices heard and stand for what we believe in.

    To stand against Socialism and stand for Capitalism! Are you happy with what is going on today in the American government? Do you feel that the government is slowly drifting away from the Constitution? Then let us join together and teach America about the Constitution and the powers it has vested in us – We the People!

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