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  • A Government of Laws

    by Founder on December 1, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    When the great founding fathers signed on to this document they made every effort to set up everything so that it had checks and balances.

    They wanted assurances that the rules would be applied fairly and equally to everyone. They wanted the rule of law. A government of laws rather than a government of men. The rules would be applied fairly and equally to everyone. Do you believe this is what is happening in our government today?

    With the actions of some of our top political leaders and the outright corruption and manipulation that occurs everyday in our federal government DO YOU BELIEVE that our corrupt politicians should be held accountable? If they are committing felonies or even treason – Shouldn’t they be held accountable? Why is no one in the mainstream media calling our top officials on this?

    They wanted to be sure that even if those in power were corrupt and performing illegal acts that the Constitution would stand up – rear its powerful head and strike down these corrupt evil doers. Through the power of the Constitution We the People have every right to try and punish these corrupt politicians who have driven this great economy into the dumper.

    Who are they? Paulson, Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Bush and all of the others who are not governing this country with the idea of “country first” but rather with “friends and family” first! I’m sick of it and I’m speaking out against it. Join me! Sign in as an American who believes in the Constitution and your ability to fight for your rights!

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