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  • Free Market Premise

    by Founder on December 11, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    The US Constitution is based on the idea of a “free market premise”. In the sense that society should be a “marketplace” of ideas. Without any restriction or limitations on the thought processes and speech of an individual.

    This open “marketplace” and competition of thought would allow for discussion and opposing views to be heard and considered. And We the People should be able to freely use theses ideas, this knowledge and this energy to make our lives better. WE should be able to make our lives better – not the government.

    Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote “the ultimate good desired, is better reached by free trade in ideas – that the best test of truth is – the power of thought, to get itself accepted in the competition of the market”

    Does it feel to you that our ideas can reach those in charge of our government? Are they listening to us? Are they listening to Glen Beck or Michael Savage or Hannity or Rush? Heck, they’re not even listening to them – this is why we must BAND TOGETHER AND STAND TALL.

    WE THE PEOPLE must MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD! Today! Do you believe that our top politicians have been granted “rock star” status by the masses? And they are not accessible to us?

    WAIT A MINUTE! Who works for who? They work for us!!

    Have they no shame! Is greed and power really that important to them? At the sake of a country? At the sake of America.

    America we have to wake up! The government is passing legislation and spending money without our knowledge or acceptance. Their arrogance is outrageous! Don’t you agree?

    Make you voice heard. Teach others about the Constitution and the greatness of America. Sign in today and be counted. Be an American for the Constitution.

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