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  • The Magna Carta

    by Founder on December 12, 2008

    in Government, History Lessons

    Does everyone know about the Magna Carta? About the importance of this document in the history of our American democracy? Or does no one know – just a few. I’m afraid that’s the case – as young people are now growing up in our school system are they really taught about American history? And how “things” came about?

    The Magna Carta was signed reluctantly by King John in 1215. It was the first time the “common people ” really stood up to the ruling class. This is a microcosm of what should happen today!

    This is a microcosm of what MUST happen today – if we are to save our great country from the grips of fascism and socialism.

    King John

    Why did this happen? It happened because of the greed and selfishness of those in charge. The people paying the taxes got fed up with what was happening – sick of being taken advantage of. Does this sound familiar?The King, at the time, was waging a brutal war against the Muslims and members of the “nobility” were not happy with the way the King was using their tax dollars nor were they happy with how the war was costing the lives of their countrymen and friends. The nobility and barons (the people with the money) in objecting to the way the King was using their money, threatened a revolt - a rebellion! IF the King did not sign this document – the Magna Carta.

    For the first time – the King was subject to law. The King had to answer to someone. Does our King of today really have to answer to someone? Isn’t our King today just a massive group of ruling people? Who do they really have to answer to? Have you spoken to them lately? Have they heard what you have to say? Do you think they care or want to hear what you have to say? Or is their arrogance blinding them AND making them deaf?

    This document represented a big change and this was the ultimate starting point in which those that were governed rose up to those who govern. A turning point in the history of Democracy.

    The Magna Carta has since become the foundation for which the United States established it’s rule of law. This is so important to know because it makes one realize that this is the reminder of who actually is in charge. It is the people. We the People are ultimately responsible for our own destiny. If we do not like where we are heading? Then We the People must stand up, rise up to have our voices heard in the name of American democracy and freedom.

    In addition to it’s ability to set limits on the King’s ability to tax, one of the most important parts of the Magna Carta is the right of habeous corpus – which said that the King could not imprison or execute anyone without giving that person DUE PROCESS. This particular feature of the document has set the path for our freedom.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the future of America depends on our understanding of where we are – both in knowing HOW we got here and WHERE we are headed. Don’t let our current politician mindlessly and blindly make foolish decisions for our country and head us into a financial abyss. If it happens to us it is our fault.

    Let us be like the barons and like the nobility – let us stand up and DEMAND change with common sense. Let us demand the proper decision making process and rid our government of the corruption and greed that currently exists. Let the Magna Carta remind you of who’s in charge. We are!

    We the People!

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