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  • Taxation Without Representation

    by Founder on December 16, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    Boston Tea Party

    You’ve all heard this phrase before – perhaps as if it’s something from way back in the 1700′s, right? Well the reality is, of course, that Taxation without Representation is what is happening RIGHT NOW. You’re paying taxes right? What are we getting for your tax dollars currently? Your tax dollars and mine are being used on a spending spree by our Democratic leaders. A spending and printing spree like never before – not even close.

    • We are getting problems. Our tax dollars are going towards paying this country’s debt. An ever growing debt that is completely ignored by the spenders.
    • We are getting the arrogant “mis-allocation” of funds – tax payer dollars
    • We are getting “corruption” at the highest levels of our government. A complete snub of the nose to We the People – the Bosses.
    • We are getting “greed” and “selfishness” rampantly practiced by our elected officials. Do you think they are struggling, living pay check to pay check? Don’t bet on it. Our elected officials in Washington have no connection whatsoever to the daily lives of an “average American”. They have no clue.
    • We are getting the utter “waste” of our dollars – being spent on meaningless projects and favors
    • We are getting complete “irresponsibility” by those in power today. Our leaders who have watched this great country’s economy plunge into depths not experienced since the Great Depression – and the worst is yet to come.Â

    It’s like our government is being run by a bunch of irresponsible, immature children. Who behave in childish behaviors and thought processes each and every day. We need TAXATION WITH COMPLETE REPRESENTATION. Complete = The People’s Will

    The idea of “taxation without representation” was born when the British began taxing the American colonists – excessively. Even putting limits of production on certain industries to protect sales of the British made product. This type of ARROGANCE can push a people to just say “THAT’S ENOUGH”.

    King George III began arrogantly taxing the American colonists to finance his many wars that were going on AND for supporting the troops that he was sending to America to “quell” the American uprising/revolt. Americans did not like this. And so the resentment began.

    Soon more groups began to form voicing their opposition to this British rule and great “taxation without representation”. Groups like the “Sons of Liberty” made their voices loudly heard. We like to call them “Freedom Fighters” but the British called them “Terrorists”!

    “Taxation without representation” can make a people rise up and say “Enough is Enough”. Now is the time for all Americans who believe in the Constitution to make their voice heard. We cannot continue on this Socialist path that our leaders are sending us down. If you allow this – you will not recognize this country in 2 years.

    Stand up with me and demand Taxation WITH Representation. Demand that our money no longer be excessively taxed and soon after wasted, misappropriated, misspent and flushed down the toilet. How are we going to stop this massive machine that is the government? We have the right to petition and assemble – WE MUST USE THESE RIGHTS!

    Soon after these uprisings -Â the Constitutional Convention convened in Philadelphia where 12 colonies declared their opposition to the British rule. (Georgia was not there)

    In 1779 the first shots were fired in Lexington and Concord. And then it all began – the demand for “Taxation WITH Representation”.

    We are not being served properly by our elected officials – so please, join me +and make your voice heard today. Sign in and be counted!

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