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  • Tax Revolt

    by Founder on December 17, 2008

    in Government, Voice of the People

    Isn’t that what the “Revolutionary’s” did when they declared their independence from British rule? They stopped sending them money to England that’s for sure. But that was then and this is now. Should there be a tax revolt? And if not, why not?

    Do you believe that the government is spending your hard earned dollars the correct way? Are you happy with how our current elected leaders are spending the tax dollars? Do you believe that our elected officials are honorable and not in it for themselves? Or do you believe that our government is completely out of control with corruption and over spending?

    Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. Is it really just a scenario just for the movies? Where the people petition and get enough voices and signatures to actually be heard. Where the government officials are actually held accountable for their treasonous actions and disastrous monetary policy. They are thrown out of power, stripped of their ill gotten gains and never to be heard from again. The people form a referendum process where “discussion” groups crop up all over the country, in every city and town, and begin the discussion of what is happening in our government today and how we as a people can rid Washington of the greed, dishonesty and corruption.

    The country is then run how the states are run in the sense that “the people” are able to vote on what is right and just for the nation as a whole. No more Kings, no more rulers, no more corruption and pay offs. How does this all begin? We as a people, business leaders, business owners, hard workers, tax payers – simply decide to change this society into a “cash only” society.

    All of a sudden society as a whole stops sending taxes to the government. imagine how the government will respond? They cannot do anything without tax dollars. They will shut down – and REBOOT! Just what we need!

    Keep the money for ourselves We the People – there is now enough of it out here. Make the political “leaders” come to the people on their knees begging for us to turn the “spicket” back on. But this shall not happen without the realization again as to who is the boss. We the People are the boss!

    Can this ever happen? Only with the cooperation of all involved throughout the country. It must be a group event or it would not work. If you kept giving money to someone because they said they need it for an honorable reason – yet would waste the money – would you keep giving money to that person? Think about it. This article is written to at least make you think about this concept. It’s only common sense.

    They revolted back in the late 1700′s……

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