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  • Missing – Our Free Market System

    by Founder on December 18, 2008

    in Government, Money/Finance, Voice of the People

    Has anybody seen our Free Market System lately? I’m looking for it. I am looking on the side of milk cartons and I am watching America’s Most Wanted – but I don’t see it anywhere – no one feels that it is lost – the so called “objective” television media isn’t talking about it (except for a select few) and certainly none of our elected leaders. What has happened to our free market system of Capitalism? Are those growing up now – those kids 6-13 – are they getting gipped out of a chance at Capitalism?

    Do you believe our government is now operating under the guidance of Capitalism and the Free Market?

    I know for sure they are not. And even the President of the United States – someone who swore under oath that he would uphold the Constitution and its principles – even the President openly now admits that we are not operating under the concept of Capitalism. He recently said “We had to abandon the principles of the Free Market (are you ready for this?) – to save the Free Market!”. Think about the absurdity of this statement!

    Socialism is slowly (maybe not slowly anymore) seeping into our government and society. The government wants to take away most of your freedoms and leave you reliant on the government. Is this what you want? Is this what the founding fathers had in mind? Where is the ruggedness of old times? Where is the “stick it out” attitude of the old times? Are our so called “business leaders” such pansies that they are afraid to fail – and start up again? I hate to inform you guys but that happens out here in the “real world” everyday! Businesses start and businesses fail – better ones take their place – survival of the fittest – Capitalism.

    Why are companies too big to fail? The tax paying, hard working people of the United States are too big to fail – the American people – We the People. Remember us? We hired you people in Washington. We elected you. And we shall now slowly un-elect you. because We the People will rise up and have our voices heard.

    You can only oppress the people for so long and for so hard. They revolted in the late 1700′s and it looks like it may be time for another. They are pushing the American people into a corner with no escape – and how to trapped animals respond? We must stand strong and – through our numbers – push them back. The Constitution allows us to do this.

    Who is too big to fail? The people are too big to fail not these large single companies. The reason these companies are deemed too big to fail is solely because of the greed and corruption that prevails in Washington – in the hallowed offices of our founding fathers – how dare those slobs in Washington? The so called “too big to fail” companies have our elected politicians in their pocket – nice and snug and they convinced their buddies in Washington to bail them out – at the expense of the American people.

    The media is saying that the President will not let these Auto companies fail on his watch! How unbelievably arrogant and selfish. If a business fails it is the businesses fault – let it fail – let Capitalism work. Let these companies fail and let ingenuity and entrepreneurship rise to the occasion and open a better stronger company – what happened to that idea? What happened to our free market?

    Please people we must rise up as a nation – as a people and stand up to the government and their disastrous policies. The government has screwed things up so badly that they will soon look to the world for all the answers and soon there will be one government – one world government – one currency – one world currency. Is this what you want? If there was a vote of all the tax paying Americans tomorrow as to if this is what We the People wanted – what do you think the outcome would be? American tax payers are AGAINST these policies and simply want the real America to rear its head, prop up ole’ Uncle Sam and dig our heals in – we MUST stand up to our government! And we must do it NOW, TODAY!

    Join me in this battle. The battle to once again show those in power who the real boss is. It is time people. The tax paying masses have to stop wasting time watching TV and instead get involved on a local level and begin to discuss and petition government and build these meeting groups in enough volume throughout the country so that our voice is finally heard. We must take advantage of the First Amendment and exercise our rights of FREE SPEECH, ASSEMBLY and PETITION. Join me today and be counted.

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