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  • The People’s Tribunal

    by Founder on December 19, 2008

    in Current Politics, Government, Voice of the People

    The People's gavel!

    The leader of the People’s Tribunals raps the gavel on the desk and calls this meeting to order. There is a committee of business leaders and representatives from each state – these representatives have never been involved in politics before and have held their respective jobs for at least 3 years each. They are all taxpayers and legal American citizens.

    One by one each of our current government leaders is brought before this committee and their transgressions are stated by this committee along with what has happened because of these transgressions. After each government elected official hears their charges the accused is allowed to speak in their defense. After each has spoken the chairman of the People’s Tribunal raps his gavel back down again and says “the accused is guilty as charged. You will be immediately dismissed form your elected position and will then go before the crimes court for the dispensing of the proper jail sentence. In addition, our financial board will thoroughly audit your personal finances and strip you of any and all those dollars and assets that you have received illegally and in the course of your elected position. Next!”

    Do you want this to happen? Do you believe this should happen? Why should this just be a “dream” scenario? Isn’t this the type of revolution that our founding fathers would have attempted? What would our founding fathers do about our current elected leaders if they were alive today?

    Taxpaying “ladies and gentlemen” of this great country we must rise up and exercise the rights that were granted to us in the Constitutionwe MUST voice our opinions and exercise our right to petition so that we may begin the process of ridding our government of our current elected officials who single handedly have sunk this country into one of its deepest and darkest times.

    Do you realize what these elected officials have done? Are you aware of the completely out of control spending that is occurring each and every day in Washington? They have no money but they want to spend MORE and MORE all the time! Would you be able to do this as a person? Would you be able to do this as a business? You know you can’t because you will go OUT OF BUSINESS.

    The People’s Tribunal is necessary in today’s world. I see a mass of people more than the eye can see all sitting in front of the Capital building and in front of the White House – they can be in front of both because there are over 20 million people there! 20 million people who have said “enough is enough”. 20 million people who will not move – the “authorities” cannot do anything because there are just too many people – would the government hear our voices then? This is what is necessary right now people. There is no other way. Our government has so entrenched themselves in corruption, deceit and selfishness that they arrogantly now do whatever they want irregardless of what the Constitution or the people say.

    Overall the American people are now allowing the government to do this. When will American tax paying citizens realize that the government is taking you (and me) all for suckers. They are stealing your money and are doing everything they can to ensure that you are dependent on them for your existence – why? – to keep those that are in power, in power with the ability to get more power as time goes on.  STOP! This is unconstitutional and must be stopped.

    Join me today and rise up to have your voice heard. if you are not ready to make the trek to Washington to force a tribunal then at least (in the comfort of your home) MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Sign in today and be counted. We the People must stand together and petition our government or nothing will change – it will all only get worse.

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    shadowwalker October 4, 2011

    I do believe that no one should change our most sacred rights ( the U.S. constitution )even those that may be influenced to try, or by other nations, or a collection of countries like the United Nations.Now we have a President Elect that has not proven to the people he has met the documentation set forth by our Nations founding Fathers in the first Amendment of the Constitution and our Goverment has FAILED to keep the Constitution as it was written, and now the birth certificate has been sealed that would prove or disprove his right to hold our nations top office. Our Constitution is what makes this Country Strong if we lose it I feel we will lose our Nation and the life and freedom we love so much, the Second Amendment states that all Law abidding citizens has the right to keep and bear arms, that is what has saved this Nation (USA,America) in the past and will do so if needed in the future for we all make a citizen Army if needed by our Country as in our past and stated by Wisdom of our founding fathers in the Second Amendment.I do believe the constitution should be restored back to what the founding fathers in their wisdom decreed years ago. I do believe we have to use our powers that we were granted or lose them forever, If we don’t make them accountable we will ourselves will be the blame for loseing our constitution and the rights given there in.


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