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  • Our Economic Solution

    by Founder on December 20, 2008

    in Current Politics, Government, Money/Finance, Voice of the People

    There is a solution to our current economic woes. But a “solution” references that the problems are all resolved. It’s not just saying you have the solution – trying your tactic and finding out it doesn’t work – like our government is doing. After all many different tactics will be and are being used by our government to “solve” our economic calamity. But the truth is that there is only one solution and it just depends how long it takes before it is acted upon. The problem is that it will probably take a total meltdown of the American economy to realize exactly what should be done.

    Let’s look at the current situation concerning our national debt.

    As of Dec. 10, 2008 the Fed owned $476 billion in Treasury bills, notes and bonds; $448 billion in auction debt; $312 billion in commercial paper; and $233 billion in other loans. This buying spree has swollen the Fed balance sheet to $2.25 trillion as of Dec.10 from $867 billion just a year earlier. That’s a 159% jump. All this asset-buying gets easier, of course, if you can just ask the Treasury to print money for you.

    1913-1971 – that’s how long it took for the government to erode away the Constitution and simply begin to print money out of thin air. Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913 and at the time it was established to accommodate mostly politicians and big companies. Banking interests passed the new Federal Reserve laws basically deeming that when their loans went bad they didn’t want to be responsible for these losses – No – they didn’t want the market to handle these losses - they wanted to instead be backed by and bailed out by the government!

    The government now creates credit. Over the years they have slipped in to a position where they can openly and freely create unlimited amounts of money – simply by printing it. The American people allowed this to occur because of lack of interest and a lack of understanding exactly what our government was doing and why they were doing it . The solution? We must go on the Gold Coin Standard again.

    But you don’t have to walk around with heavy Gold coins in your pocket. This money standard is where Certificates are printed (just like they do today) and people walk around with them and use them as money – but at any time you want you can walk into a bank and REDEEM this certificate for GOLD (unlike today). This holds the government in check. They can’t just go around and print up as many of these Certificates as they want? Right? Not under these circumstances. If the government cheats and prints more of these Certificates than they should – then the people will simply turn in their Certificates for Gold! And that’s exactly what happened in the 1930′s.

    When the people did this – it embarrassed the government and they soon went off the Gold Standard! That’s a great way to solve the problem for the government, right? And so began the arrogant, self serving attitude of our government.

    Soon the Federal Reserve introduced that banks only had to hold a fraction of their reserves to create credit -Â further debasing the value of the currency. This was a huge score for the bankers and big money BUT it set it up so that during the good times American banks didn’t put MORE into their reserves instead they put LESS and now as all can see they were not prepared for any type of downturn – especially like the one we are experiencing now.

    The Federal Reserve was always oriented towards assisting very special interests and designed just for the elite. The Fed was a huge victory for the big banks and the big money of the country. Yet at the time of its introduction there was a Gold standard and Silver standard. But the government began to insist on the “intrinsic” value of the dollar – of paper. To this day the government insists on the intrinsic value of the dollar and has convinced all the countries of the world of this – up until now. The United States is no longer a bank – they are now a borrower – our government has no money.

    By printing and distributing all this money our elected officials will cause super inflation. But it’s not the actual price of the goods and services that is going up - it is that it takes MORE of our so called dollars to buy any one good or service. Make sense?

    Inflation will occur because of the governments policy of just printing money. It devalues our currency. And historically it has wiped out the hard working middle class. Prices go up, the hard working people who don’t want to rely on the government for their existence – simply try to make it on their own. Unemployment goes up and the problems really start to kick in. Is this the type of society you want to pass on to your children? The children of the United States? If not then we must act and act now.

    Thomas Jefferson argued that, in a democracy, no generation should have the power to bind future generations. It’s way past time for current generations to declare the Federal Reserve in its current form a failure and to create an institution for the 21st century. But we must petition and act now!

    The solution? We must go back to a Gold Standard. Limit the creation of credit and curtail the power of the Federal Reserve. If these things are done you will have IMMEDIATE positive results. Yes, you would have some who would feel the pain but this step is necessary for growth to occur once again – at some point in the future of this great country – this step will be taken. These steps would iron out the severe swings that occur in the business cycle. It would be a huge boost to the economy and the American people. And most important of all the government would have to STOP SPENDING! Did I say a dirty word? Stop spending? Is this possible by our current elected leaders? The answer is no – not by our CURRENT elected leaders.

    I am afraid it will take an economic disaster of historic proportions to wake up the American people and get you – me and EVERYONE who pays taxes to respond! React! React to this outlandish and unconstitutional printing of money without regard to future consequences.

    The United States MUST stop printing money. Can’t they see that this greatly dilutes the value of this money? I learned this as basic economics. Why can’t they see this? Why? Because they are ADDICTED to spending money – my money – your money – the American taxpayers hard earned money!

    This printing of dollars is a deceitful tax on the American people and must be stopped. It has been proven over and over again throughout time – paper money will not succeed. If you dig up a nugget of gold that was buried 200 years ago – what is it worth today? If you dig up some currency from 200 years ago what is that worth today? I rest my case.

    Must the economy really collapse for us as a people and government to do the right thing? People, if you are not happy with the way our government is simply printing money out of thin air, then please join me as I voice my opinion in support of the Constitution and its basic principles. Please stand with me and voice YOUR opinion.

    If only you know your opinions – change that – make your opinion heard here! Join today and be counted as an American who wants change in our government – just not the type of change that is slowly Socializing this great country. We must act now and petition our government – we must exercise our Constitutional rights. We the People must be the Revolutionaries.

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