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  • The Magic Growing Government

    by Founder on December 22, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    Well, fellow Americans, as we begin a new week what kind of wonderful news is coming out of our government? What kind of great news MUST be coming out of Washington? I mean it must be great news after all the country just elected their new President elect and he promises Hope and Change – yes! Hope and change – we are saved! Or are we?

    I just think that the Hope represents¬† I hope the new administration doesn’t run this country into the ground and the Change is what will be left in out bank accounts and pockets – change.

    But lets see what our President elect has to say.

    Our President elect has increased his employment goal with the nations economic outlook worsening, seeking to create or save 3 million jobs in the next two years instead of the 2.5 million he proposed last month. Do you think this will be 3 million jobs in the private sector or do you think this will be 3 million jobs on the governments dole? Or should I say on your dole – providing you are a taxpayer. The result is an ever growing government – a government that gets bigger and bigger each and every day – increasing the power of those who are in power.

    Transition officials said Christina Romer, an economics professor who Obama has chosen as chair of his Council of Economic Advisers, recently said that historical data and wide-ranging expert opinions suggest that upcoming economic problems could be more severe than anything the country has faced over the past half century. She said the country is likely to lose another 3 million to 4 million jobs over the next year without significant action.

    Oh really? Is that a news flash to you people? Have you had your heads in the sand for the last 2 years? Last 5 years? Don’t you realize that it was YOUR policies, our Congress and our elected officials who have put us in this position? And all those people who are entering the new year, with newly elected or appointed positions, all had their hands in our economic downturn – yet we trust them to guide us even more.

    Check out these future scenarios. Our newly elected Socialist leaders have responded to our poor economy by pushing for a more ambitious jobs plan, driven by federal investments in health care, education and energy that they hope will save this economy. Maybe that’s the hope they are talking about. Some of their other money spending ideas included weatherizing 1 million homes, shifting to a paperless health system, investing in disease prevention and modernizing schools.

    The new team calls it a bold approach. Is that what this is? Is it a bold approach to just start printing money and spending money WE DO NOT HAVE? OK, horribly in debt and my future is bleak – I know, l start spending more money! Yea that’s what I do – not just more money but LOTS more money – yea that will solve my financial problem – are they insane? Where is the common sense of our government?

    The new team has gleefully promised to come up with details of a plan to pump up the droopy economy with $650 billion or more in government spending over the next few years. Don’t believe that for a second. This spending spree will not take a few years – it will take one year or less. After all, they just spent $700 Billion in 2 1/2 months and are now asking for more.

    People – We the People must rise up and stop this insanity and disastrous economic policy! If you have children – the actions our government is taking right now – will handcuff your kids future with regards to their freedom and income – is this what our founding fathers had in mind?

    The spenders recently met in the basement of the Capitol on Friday to devise (scheme) ways to pump public money into science, energy, education, health care and infrastructure programs, as well as to help the poor and unemployed. Nice – helping the poor and unemployed with more tax dollars from hard working Americans – oh wait that’s right – REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – that’s what all the new President elects supporters wanted and voted for. You are all in for a very rude awakening – it may not be right away but it will occur. Lets put it two ways – first, we are just in the eye of the storm and second the water has pulled back (this happens before a tsunami hits).


    They hope unleashing a torrent of spending in the near term will create jobs and lift the economy. Oh there it is again – there’s that hope we are looking for and were promised.

    The plan which some think could swell to about $850 billion after negotiations with Congress (that’s even a low figure), would be the largest investment in public infrastructure since the federal highway system was established in the 1950s. It also would provide tens of billions in dollars of aid to financially strapped states. Aid to financially strapped states? – hmmmmm. Is this where you want your tax dollars going? To provide bailouts for a different state than where you are living?


    This in itself is unconstitutional - what happened to the independence of each state? Why should a hard working. taxpaying American be financially burdened by the irresponsibility of another states spending habits? Why should we as taxpaying Americans be burdened by an out of control MAGIC GROWING GOVERNMENT at both the state and Federal level! Stop this insanity!


    Here is a quote from our new President elect – I’m not going to give you a number because were still making these evaluations, but you are exactly right that what we’ve seen, in terms of the evaluation of economists from across the political spectrum, is that were going to have to be bold when it comes to our economic recovery package.. What does that mean – We are going to have to be bold? Does that mean they are going to have no regard for future generations and simply sink the American government and people into so much debt that the concept of American freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be a thing of the past? Is this what We the People are allowing to happen?


    So what is the solution? What are we as a people to do? If you sit around and watch TV and hope the government will do the right thing because you trust them – then before you know it your entire existence will depend on the government.The more people the government can get in this situation the better for them – this gives them more power and more votes. And soon your freedoms and liberties will dwindle to nothing and be taken away from you by the very entity that was supposed to protect them. Or you can join me as I rise up to make my voice heard.


    People – it is not too late. It is not impossible – this is what they want you to think. We must stand up for what we believe in and stop allowing the government to act in these unconstitutional ways while slowly eroding our freedoms and futures. We must be the Revolutionaries of the 1700′s now in 2008 – we must be strong and filled with our beliefs of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – before it IS to late. Stand with me and make your voice heard today! And we must then Petition our government for this change or we must force this change – our futures and those of our nations children are at stake - Democracy, the free market and Capitalism must live and Socialism must die. Join me today!

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