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  • What More Does It Take?

    by Founder on December 22, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    What does it take for a society of people to rise up because of disillusionment and frustration? Have you heard enough negative financial news lately? Do you hear any positive financial news? The answer is no.

    How about these figures. Housing starts were off 47% year over year in November, which was a lot worse than the 38% figure in October. Building permits fell 48.1% year over year last month, compared with 38.2% in October. And house completions were down 22.5% and heading lower.People, can we wait any longer? Can we just sit back and let the same people who led us into this financial abyss attempt to guide us out?

    When our politicians decided that everyone in America should OWN a home – that was the beginning of the end for the dollar and America’s democratic financial future. So banks were instructed to give out home loans to any and all applicants – regardless of their credit history, debt structure or income. And the banks were rewarded for these type of loans and they gladly handed them out because they could then sell them to Fannie Mae – so they were all government backed! Isn’t that nice. But what does that really mean? It means that they were backed by the American people.

    Now as time marches on and these people cannot pay these mortgage bills, the foreclosures begin and all of these millions of bad loans come home to roost with the banks and the Fed. And to top it all off, as they were handing out these loans like candy, these bad loans were packaged together by Wall Street and actually sold as investments – the greed of the banks soon came back to haunt them and the financial meltdown began.

    The politicians who were the authors of these ideas and policies should be held 100% accountable for these crimes against America and it’s future. These politicians sold you out! They made policy decisions solely for the purpose of appealing to the many special interests that were giving them money in hopes that they would keep and gain the votes that they control. The government wanted to prop up the lower income and government dependent people and make them even more dependent on the government – thus gaining all their votes and increasing the politicians power.

    The government was designed to work as a whole but it now unfortunately is made up of individual people who are ALL marching to the beat of their own individual agendas. Is the recent financial news enough for Americans to stop watching “Dance America” or “American Idol” and get off their couches to say “enough is enough”? What will it take people?

    Stop letting our politicians lie to you and steal your money. What’s the difference between a robber with a gun who takes your money and what our Federal government is doing? They are robbing us, you, me blind! Please make a stand today. We must begin local meeting groups to educate the people as to what their future holds. We must warn the American people that they are slowly being Socialized and that your rights – as in the Bill of Rights – are slowly being eroded away.

    Wake up people. Stand with me and make your voice heard today!

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    barrell October 4, 2011

    As a taxpaying American I feel the same as if my money was simply brought down to Wall Street and thrown up into the air for all the priveledged ones to take and use as if it were their own. Our voices are no longer part of their decision equation. We the people has become we the trampled upon or we the forgotten. I would say that history shows us that when a government stops listening to the people the future choice becomes socialism or revolution. Will we soon find under an Obama administration that for little reason the government will decide that we must be protected from those that don’t “understand” the good intentions of the overpowering elitist power structure? Will we find ourselves staring at troops and tanks in our once free streets because the government wants to protect us from ourselves? Big changes are coming yes indeed – how about we try and get our country back?


    Ken Ross October 4, 2011

    I couldn’t agree more – very wll said. We may soon be seeing the authorities in our streets just as you suggest – and of course it will be said they are only there to “protect ourselves”. But we both know that the new administration will put a military in the street for the sole purposes of preventing a Revolution by the people.

    The governement knows what it is doing only in the sense that they know they are screwing the American people – and they know – based on history that the American people are capable of Revolution.

    Whether it’s our physical presence in Washington or whether it’s our country wide refusal to continue sending in our tax dollars – either way some type of revolution must occur or our out of control government will soon be “patrolling the streets” in military fatigue – “for your own good”. God Bless America


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