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  • Bailout Arrogance – Where Did the Money Go?

    by Founder on December 23, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    Today’s news is that the banks who received our taxpayer dollars in the form of a “bailout” – have collectively decided to snub their noses at the American public – and have declined to say where the money has gone and what it was spent on. Does this really surprise you? Through their arrogance the banks got themselves into this situation, begged to get out of the situation then after we gave them the money – they kick us, the American taxpayer, to the curb. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

    • In total 116 banks received bailout money. Did you know so many banks received money? Or did you think it was just those that were “too big to fail”?
    • Before the banks received this money they handed out over $1.6 Billion in bonuses to their executives. Obviously for their stellar performances. The average bonus received by the bank executives was $2.6 Million. How much did you make last year?
    • 21 banks received at least $1 Billion. What did they do with your tax dollars?

    You must understand that currently Congress does not care about you or me. We are the working mice who simply provide them their feed money that they can fritter away without abandon. Our current government no longer makes decisions for the people – they make decisions for the dollar – for the big business interests – the same businesses that line the politicians pockets with their retirement money. Yes, people – our government has effectively shut us out. And what are you going to do about it?

    These bailouts – whether to the Banks, Insurance companies or the Auto industry are all littered with waste, lack of accountability and fraud. Billions of dollars were hidden in these so-called bailouts in the form of “pork” – to entice the politicians to vote “yes”. Our government heard the people loud and clear that we do not want any bailouts – but the government ignored us and simply did whatever they wanted – snubbing the American people and the Constitution.

    Your hard earned tax payer dollars went to buy bank executives the following:

    • Cash Bonuses
    • Stock Options
    • Personal Use of Company Jets
    • Chauffeurs
    • Home Security Systems
    • Country Club Memberships
    • And Personal Financial Planning Consultations

    Are you happy with how your hard earned dollars are given to very wealthy people who then waste the money? Are you happy with this? If you are not happy about this – then what are you going to do about it?

    Let’s look at a few companies and you can determine if you are happy with how your taxpayer dollars are being spent.

    • Goldman Sachs – Loyd Blankein, CEO – took home $54 Million last year. The top five executives received $242 Million. They received $10 Billion in taxpayer dollars on October 28, 2008. Their tab for limousines for their executives totaled $233,000 per executive – your taxpaying dollars are paying for the limos on Wall Street. Are you happy about that?
    • Capital One – Richard Fairbank, CEO – Received $17 Million in stock options. The company received $3.56 Billion in your tax dollars on November 14, 2008.
    • Merrill Lynch – John Thain, CEO – Received $83 Million last year. The company received $10 Billion in taxpayer dollars on October 28, 2008.
    • Wells FargoReceived $25 Billion in taxpayer dollars yet arrogantly still gave their top executives $20,000 each to pay for financial planners. Do you have a financial planner? Maybe you don’t because you are currently paying for the ones used by Wells Fargo.
    • JP Morgan Chase – James Dimon, CEO – Commuted to New York from Chicago everyday and ran up a tab for his personal jet of $211,182. The company got $25 Billion in bailout funds – from the American peoples pockets.

    Now the government and the American people are simply asking “Where did the money go?” “What did you banks spend the money on?”  What is their answer? “We decline to answer at this time!!!” Are you kidding me? These banks and their executives have the arrogance to stand up to the American people and say “Where the money you gave us has gone – is none of your business!” These firms telling the American people (who gave them the money unwillingly) to take a hike are - Merrill Lynch, Citi Group, Bank of America and Wall Street – and these are just the one making the news. So my question is – How much does it take before the American people, you and me, rise up and say “enough is enough!”

    If you go into your bank today and ask for a loan – what’s one of the first things they will ask you – “What are you going to do with the money?” If you say “Well, it’s none of your business” – I have a feeling you will not get the loan, the bank will say “Well, you have to tell us what you are doing with the money, or else how can we lend you the money”. That makes sense right? But our government did not ask this of the banks when they stole the money from the tax payers. What has happened to our society?

    Are people acting this brazenly simply because no one does anything about it? Has the arrogance of our politicians and big business gotten so out of control simply because no one does anything about it? Look at what is happening. When news of these arrogant actions is known, what happens? The news channels talk about it, debate it and then a new story comes across thew wires – all is soon forgotten. This is why everyone is pushing the envelope – no one is being held accountable for anything. Isn’t this the breaking point people?

    What more does it take to motivate the American people to revolt and act to change what is happening. Our government is out of control. They no longer represent the American people. This is clearly Taxation Without Representation! They foolishly gave away $350 Billion dollars for nothing! They gave away this money without any system set up for accountability – they were in such a rush to give this money to their friends in the banking industry and Wall Street that they “forgot” to put requirements on these Billions of dollars.

    We the People still exist. Please don’t think it is a lost cause and that these politicians are unreachable. They are not movie stars. They are not rock stars. Even though the main stream media trys to prop them up as special people – we must understand they are not special people – they are no smarter than you or me. In fact they are acting as if they are far LESS intelligent! The politicians work for you – and me, and all the hard working tax paying legal citizens of this country. We must band together and make our voices heard. We must make our presence known.

    Please don’t give up American citizens. Arm yourself with knowledge, principle and guns. There may come a day in the not so distant future when you may have to defend your home. But for now let us defend the Constitution and our children’s futures. Join Americans for the Constitution today and make your voice heard. Stand tall with me today!

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    barrell October 4, 2011

    While this sham plays out our media’s top story? Well of course it’s the Obama’s fabulous vacation in Hawaii in a rented 30 million dollar mansion. The new big story is how buff the chosen one Barrack Obama looks in his swim suit – there is even a poll on Drudge to see who is more buff- Barrack Obama or Vladimir Putin. Doesn’t anyone see that this is a planned diversion to keep all of us eggheads asleep and not paying attention to anything of real import that takes place? When I was a boy I was amazed at how the Russian people would put up with their national news service Pravda. Pravda only released the news that fit what the government approved for the people to hear. How are we any different today? Our wire services do not seek out and report real news, they take the stories of the day and either ignore them or twist them to the correct message. We must find a way to stand up to our out of control government!


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