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  • What SHOULD Be On the News

    by Founder on December 23, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    When I was growing up watching the “news”, I always wondered what determined if something was going to be on the news or not. Who determined what should be on the news? And over time I came to realize that what was on the TV news, for all of America to see and absorb - was whatever the news station wanted to put on the news.  Just like the newspaper magnate in The Fountainhead – who always chuckled that he could persuade and meld the minds of the public just by what he printed in the newspaper. Â

    Those who make an active attempt at knowing what is going on with the economy and our government understand that America is now in dire straights. Our country’s form of government – our Democracy and Capitalism – is slowly being put to the side for Socialism. After 200+ years of Capitalism, freedom, Liberty, the free markets and prosperity – our governments way of doing business is drastically changing right before our eyes.

    • Our industries are being nationalized - partially owned by and accountable to the government
    • Our government is simply printing money out of thin air with no backing other than their word.
    • The top leaders in our government have thrown aside the Constitution and instead have replaced it with greed, deceit, corruption and fraud.
    • The branches of the government have been manipulated so they are no longer a system of “checks and balances” – rather, all those who watch over others can simply be bought out or are on their side anyway.
    • The government is either telling you what to do or wants to tell you what to do – with regards to all aspects of your life.
    • In addition to the taxes we are already required to pay, the government will begin to tax anything and everything to cover their outrageous and continuous spending.
    • Lastly, and the final straw for me – the government no longer cares what you say! They proved it with the first bailout – when they just flew it in the faces of the American people as the American people were pleading with their elected officials to NOT PASS the bailout!

    So what is on the news? As one of our great American voicers says “While this sham plays out – what is the (mainstream) media’s top story? It’s the Obama’s fabulous vacation in Hawaii in a rented $30 Million dollar mansion!” Barrell goes on to comment “The new big story is how buff, the chosen one, Barack Obama looks in his swim suit – there is even a poll on Drudge to see who is more buff – Barack or Vladamir Putin? Doesn’t anyone see that this is a planned diversion to keep all of us eggheads (in their eyes) asleep and not paying attention to anything of real import that takes place?”

    And he is so right. We need to wake up America. If I could write those words “wake up” any bigger I would – I would make it so they could jump through the computer screen right at you if that’s what it would take. America – We the People – have to stand up together in large numbers and voice our opinion.

    So, what SHOULD be on the news? There should be a station that simply exposes the government for what it is. There are great people now who are doing their best to stop this Socialism train but they are few and far between. This is why we must act in big numbers. There should be “Breaking News” flashes at the bottom of the screen giving updates on the treasonist activities of our elected leaders or on the exact amounts of money the government is spending – and on what?. But instead our 100 station TV’s are filled with mindless dribble – each show formatted for the exclusive purpose of making money.

    All the while our government is slowly turning Socialist. Americans are asleep at the wheel, hypnotized by the lure of celebrities, fashion, idolizing others and mindless TV watching with their news spoon fed through tidbits and controlled by individuals with their own agendas.

    What is it going to take to stop this mega Socialism machine that the people of this country voted in. Notice I said The people of this country” – not the taxpaying people of this country. It is my opinion that if only tax paying legal citizens were allowed to vote NONE of these problems would be occurring – and the new President elect would not be heading towards a long planned Socialism.

    How can we stop them? If millions of people converge on Washington to say “enough is enough” will the government ask the military to stop us? This is why the newly elected Presidential administration will insure that there are military in our streets and ready to defend the government from any large and meaningful uprising by the people. Mark my words.

    We must form groups in every city, town and state to stand together in support of the Constitution, the free markets and Capitalism. If you disagree with these areas of belief and support then just know that everything you have – right up to the keyboard with which you are writing your opinion – you have because of capitalism and the free market.

    Tax payers of America, we must form these groups now and gather together, in writing – signed PETITIONS - throughout the land. Petitions to require that the government immediately cease and desist:

    • All unconstitutional activities
    • All printing of money with no intrinsic backing
    • All bailouts without a referendum vote from the taxpayers of this country
    • And that those responsible for the mortgage fiasco be tried and held accountable for their irresponsible actions and stripped of any and all funds and assets that were procurred through their corruption, deceit and fraud.

    But we must act now and we must act together. Stand up Americans and don’t let our government push or bully you around anymore. Have you voice heard today!

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