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  • Congress – Insane, Stupid or Just Plain Greedy?

    by Founder on December 24, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    Senator Diane Feinstein, D- California and Olympia Snowe R-Maine have announced that they will propose legislation next month to force companies that receive bail out money from the fund – to report how they spend it.

    Do you now need some time to reflect? Some time to absorb the first paragraph? These bumbling fools in Congress were in such a rush to print money and hand it out to all their friends that they did not FIRST make a listing of the requirements necessary for each receiving company to account for any and all moneys spent! This is basic common sense.

    The Congress stressed that if we didn’t pass this bail out bill by the coming Friday – “Who knows what could happen to the economy” “If we don’t act NOW the economy will collapse”. This is the rhetoric they used on the American people and on those in Congress who opposed the Socialization of our economy.

    How utterly stupid, selfish, greedy and nieve can the members of Congress be? Can they act in a way that is any more irresponsible than they already have? (I am afraid to ask this question).

    These people coming up with this new “accountability” bill act as if they are coming to the rescue of the nation. They act as they are the brave ones who are standing up to the government and standing for the people. Give me a break. They all acted in a selfish, self absorbed manner – blinding them to what they were actually doing – selling out the American tax payer!

    This entire sham that has been perpetrated on the American people since August 0f 2008 is rife with greed, corruption and fraud. It amounts to the beginnings of Socialism in America. Who, with any semblance of intelligence, would give away billions of dollars to companies who have already proven to be irresponsible and incapable of running their companies? Who would do this except for those who simply do not see it as giving away billions.

    The people of Congress play with billions and trillions everyday now – they have lost touch as to just how much money this really is. But the real crux of the situation is that they gave away this money to favor their friends on Wall Street without any regard or care for the American tax payer. They print this money without any care that you and I actually have to pay it back. But it is our children and our children’s children who will be paying this money back – and they will grow up in a Socialist, freedom restricting society.

    And to top it all off our illustrious Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi arrogantly announces “ It is outrageous that these financial institutions cannot – or will not – provide information on how they are spending billions of taxpayer dollars” Now she cares? This is just a show for public support. She couldn’t care less about the welfare of the tax paying citizens – but she greatly cares about who they are counting on to give Washington all it’s power – the person who does not pay taxes!

    Boy does she have a lot of nerve! Does the government make an accounting of where the billions and trillions of our tax dollars are spent? Where is all the money that has been WASTED on war, Welfare, Medicaid and other Socialist programs – who is accountable for this waste? It is you – our government! Do you hear outrage about this in Congress?

    We must hold these thieves responsible for the massive economic collapse that threatens our very way of life. Please, people of America – stand with me and voice your opinion on these atrocities that are occurring each and everyday within our government. Stand with me and let us rid our government of these outrageous spenders who view you and me as “the little people”, as a second thought. We the People are number one, we are the bosses but we must act in large numbers. One voice will not be heard. We must join together as Americans for the Constitution and make our voices heard today!

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