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  • Philanthropic Government

    by Founder on December 29, 2008

    in Government, Voice of the People

    Right now we have a philanthropic government. Our government has morphed into an institution that freely gives away money to causes that “touch the hearts” of our elected officials. And since our government is loaded with very liberal officials – many things “touch their hearts”.

    But is this the right thing for a government to do? Is this the purpose of a government? Where did this attitude come from, that a government should financially assist any and all individuals and businesses who are in distress?

    What really should happen? Let’s look at a case that was recently in the news. And it doesn’t matter who it is – it only matters the principle of what is happening here.

    This is an American citizen who this year went through some tough times. His wife died in March, he lost his job a few months later and his home burned down! Now that’s a string of bad luck. He is in for a tough road ahead. So what should happen? Should the government now step in and “assist” this gentleman?

    You would be amazed and probably angered if you knew just what the government spends your tax dollars on. If you knew the multitudes of wasteful and ridiculous programs that our elected officials spend our tax dollars on, you would not be happy about it. Do you want this to continue and expand?

    Let’s look at a different scenario. Remember Katrina? The government attempted to help through money but they ended up wasting BILLIONS through fraud and misallocation. On the other side Bill Clinton and George Sr. got on the TV and asked the American people for their help- the American people donated Millions to the cause and through volunteers were able to greatly effect the rebuilding of New Orleans. If left alone – the American people will rise up and come to the need of whatever cause they deem appropriate. Who is more efficient? The people or the government? Private business or the government?

    In the case of this gentleman from Illinois his plight was made public through the news and the church and soon the public’s response was overwhelming. Money and gifts were pouring in as through the good hearts of the American people this is where the American people wanted their money to go. Imaging being able to actually choose where your money goes? You do not have this right with our government today.

    So should the government be the ones people look towards in the time of emergency or should it be the people they look to? Who would do a better job of organizing the donations and relief efforts? The people are very capable of coming to the rescue of their fellow person. This notion that the government should come to our rescue for everything is self defeating.

    Our government wants you to be totally reliant on them for EVERYTHING! This is what they are working towards. This is where Socialism will take you. The problem we as a country are facing is that our young people WANT the government to take care of them Our young generation – for the most part – does not have the work ethic, determination and character of our previous generations – let’s just say they are not as hardened, as tough. They want the government to come to their rescue in far more situations than was desired by previous generations. This is how a new President elect can be voted in who espouses the ideals of Socialism.

    The government wants to take care of you from cradle to grave. They want you to be dependent on them – they want your vote. If you let the government give you something – they will limit it in some way – and limit, even further, your freedoms.

    The question remains – do you want a philanthropic government that comes to the rescue of anything and everything – just by printing money? Or do you want a government that greatly reduces its size and responsibilities? A government that is limited in its actions by the Constitution of the United States and abides by the guidelines therein? This country is at a crossroads – the fork in the road right now is – right for capitalism, the free market and democracy or left for Socialism.

    We have to stand up and make our voices heard! Scream at the top of your lungs that we should bear right at this fork and head this country in a completely different direction than it is going in now. Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution. Stand with me and make your voice heard today!

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