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    by Founder on December 29, 2008

    in Government, Voice of the People

    Are you happy with how your tax dollars are spent? Do you know how your tax dollars are spent? Or do you just “trust” that your elected officials are spending it in a way that you would approve? Here’s a crazy concept – one maybe you’ll only see on TV or perhaps – in your dreams, but this is how it should be done.

    Do you want nice roads, clean towns and cities, a strong police force and national military (these should probably be the minimums)Â and – what else do you want? Would you like your hard earned money, your hard earned tax dollars – do go EXACTLY where you wanted them?

    If people like a particular cause or want to use something they simply put their money towards this cause. No tax dollars would be collected by the government except those funds that you “release” to them. Each tax payer is able to look on the internet at all the “proposed” budget items that the states and national government are proposing and actually PICK AND CHOOSE which they would like their money to go towards.

    If you choose your money to go towards an item – you are able to participate in that activity. Privatize just about everything and if you want to participate you can pay – that simple. As a taxpayer there are certain minimal taxes that you must pay to traverse the public roads etc but beyond that it’s up to you! The government is reduced to just protecting our rights as spoken of in the Bill of Rights.

    Your money would actually go where you want it to go. But most importantly your money would NOT go where you DO NOT want it to go. What would society look like if this actually occurred? The masses would be voting for things through their tax dollars. Imagine that you can only vote if you pay taxes – such a noble idea! If the masses like something they back it with their money – if they do not favor it – it is not backed. Think of all the unbelievably wasteful programs sponsored by and supported by our government. These would all be gone. All of these programs and waste that are put into place for selfish political reasons would be GONE!

    Ken wake up! Ken wake up! Huh? What? Oh, I was just having this dream. It was crazy. I was dreaming that there was no waste in our government and people could actually have control over how their tax dollars were spent and……. oh well, forget it.

    Ladies and gentleman please stand up with me and make your voice heard. Help me stop our government from jeopardizing the very future of our country and the futures of all our children. Be counted and have your voice heard. Stand with me today!

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