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  • Why Socialism Has Arrived

    by Founder on December 30, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    The great thing about blogging is that anyone can express their opinion – whether it is right or wrong – it doesn’t matter because it is “your opinion”. Here is my opinion on why Socialism has been slowly creeping into our Capitalistic society.

    First of all those people who are the parents today of our young children are the baby boomers – those born between 1946 and 1964. And who brought up these baby boomers? – the greatest generation – that’s who.

    If your parents were born before 1935 you have parents who were part of the greatest generation. For the most part these parents:

    • Didn’t take any crap from their kids
    • They had nothing and had to work for whatever they got
    • Worked very hard – tending to stay at the same job for many years
    • Did not waste money
    • Saved money for their retirements
    • Ruled their kids with a heavy hand – very strict
    • Had tremendous character and pride
    • Sometimes their kids “hated” them for the discipline they received
    • Did not ask others for help – tried to do everything on their own
    • They didn’t want to be their kids “friend” – they simply wanted to raise their child in the proper way.

    So – what has happened to people of today?

    Now, the children of these parents are running the show. The boomers are now parents. And because the boomers were brought up under such “tough” conditions, dealing with very rigid , strict parents – they have decided that they are not going to be as tough on their kids – an entire generation of parents brought up with discipline and rules now “feel sorry” for the kids they are raising and vow to raise them “differently” than how their parents raised them.

    • The parents of today want to be their kids friend.
    • They don’t want to yell at their kids.
    • They want their kids to think “they” are cool. That they are hip.
    • They want to hang out with their kids.
    • They don’t want to hurt their kids feelings – ever.
    • They don’t want to put their hands on their kids for discipline.
    • Everything is …. “OK”

    The parents of today want to treat their kids the way they “wish” they were treated as a child – not the way they were actually treated. But the ironic part about all of it is that the parents of today were brought up the right way – by parents who didn’t care less about whether their kids “liked” them or not – they only cared that they were disciplining their kids in the right way to bring up strong, independent people capable of taking care of themselves and “their” families.

    But all this discipline that our great parents put upon us – had the opposite effect on the rearing habits of the boomers. Look at the youth of today.

    Today’s youth are:

    • Babied
    • Coddled
    • Spoiled
    • Have little work ethic
    • Are overly protected by their parents
    • In most cases are taught to not be responsible and accountable for things they do
    • Are given way too much – without having to work for it
    • Treat their parents with disrespect – as if they are a buddy or friend

    What does all this lead to? It leads to kids being brought up who feel that the government should give them everything they need. There is no “pioneering” spirit or “toughness” instilled into them. The kids of today (and I mean right up to college age) are living in a TV, fast food society brought up on the couch without any chores to do, yet asking for and receiving pretty much whatever they want – and when it is time for responsibility, learning or disciplining – the parents of today are afraid to touch their children – this is very sad. (All the blame here can be placed on boomer lawyers – but that’s another article.)

    This is now a time of bigger government, reliance on government, political correctness, very liberal acceptance of any and all lifestyles and a lack of interest and apathy on the part of our youth. By living with no interest in what your government is doing – this sets up a very dangerous game. A game where the government slowly convinces everyone in society that they can help them – that the government is the place to look for help – not your fellow man. And soon all are relying on the government for some or all aspects of their lives.

    I believe that the root of the apathy and lack of interest of our youth in their lives and their futures is a direct result of improper parenting that has fed upon itself for the past 30 years. Children need tough love, tough parenting, a heavy hand, a father – discipline.

    Without these necessities of bringing up a child – the youth is left to finding their own way. How can they find their own way without any experience or knowledge? Parents are supposed to provide this knowledge, experience and guidance. Without it – you will not recognize this country in 20 years.

    We must not allow our country to slip into Socialism. It is too late to re-indoctrinate our children into a tough and independent lifestyle – but it is not too late to stand up and make your opinions and voice heard. If you are against America becoming a Socialist society – then please stand up, be counted and make yourself heard. Stand up and scream at the top of your lungs that “enough is enough” - We the People are taking back our country – for the sake of our children.

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