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  • Obama and the Constitution

    by Founder on December 31, 2008

    in Voice of the People

    This article is not meant to scare you – it is only meant to inform. As 2008 ends and we head into a new year – we all head there with the hope of a better year, the hopes of a stronger economy and the hopes of better prosperity. I am heading into 2009 with the hope that our new President elect does not truly believe what he says. is that right to want out of our new President elect? Well, in this case it is. Let’s look at how Obama views our Constitution.

    divx name of the rose the As a believer and supporter of the Constitution, I understand that this document is the only safeguard we as a people have for our rights and our liberties. Without the Constitution we are no longer citizens – we become “subjects”. Pawns in their big money, power game.

    According to Obama, if the Constitution “didn’t break free from the essential restraints that were placed on it by the founding fathers, at least as it’s been interpreted and the Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.” He went on to say that the document “Says what the states can’t do, says what the federal government can’t do, but doesn’t say what the Federal government or State governments must do on your behalf.”

    This statement by our next President, who must take an oath to uphold the Constitution, shows a total disregard for and lack of understanding of the entire purpose of the Constitution. And that was to limit government.

    If you think we are going to enter 2009 with a new President who will promote “change and hope” in the form of a SMALLER government you are in for a disappointing year. Our new President elect is 100% for a larger governmenthe wants to grow government and become involved in every aspect of your life. He wants all citizens to be dependent on the government – then he will never lose your vote. He wants to spend money that does not exist – and then to pay for it, he will ask you to pay for it in the form of of more taxes and inflation (it will take more of your dollars to buy the things you want and need).

    If Obama were to promote small government then it would not allow him to do what he wants to do. It would stop him from having the ability to take your money – the money of a hard working, tax payer – and give it to someone else, “redistribute” it – in most cases to a non tax payer – one less fortunate than you. Are you happy about this? Are you a fan of Socialism? Are we just going to live through 2009 and just let this happen? Just watch it happen? Or are you going to join me and make your voice heard.

    The Constitution was framed to protect the peoples rights and liberties - without it, we would be at the mercy of an all powerful and untouchable Federal government – one that would be ruled by power hungry people making decisions without regard for the citizens – rather solely for their own personal good.

    But we do have the Constitution, and yet – we do have an all powerful and untouchable Federal government - that is ruled by power hungry people making decisions without regard for the citizens – rather solely for their own personal good. We have this right now!

    It is up to you and me to stand tall and make our voices heard. If people just sit back, then what is happening will continue to happen. This may sound shocking to you but our new President elect does not understand the purpose of the Constitution – which means that he is going to try to send this country down a very different path than what our founding fathers had in mind. Be counted as an American for the Constitution. Make your voice heard today.

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