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  • Government Needs to Act Like Average American

    by Founder on January 2, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Throughout our great country there are countless hard working, tax paying Americans – who are struggling financially. Over 2.5 million jobs have been lost in the last year and probably more on the horizon. Americans all across the land are just making ends meet or even foregoing some bills to pay others.

    All this and yet at the same time our government is spending money like a drunken sailor. Spending money they do not have -Â without any regard to when it will be paid back or by whom.

    Yet, we all know the reality is that you and I will be paying for all of this (and our children as well) – the government will slowly raise taxes and interest rates, coupled with the inflation that will occur because of the printing and releasing of trillions of dollars – these will all represent ways our new government will “tax” the American citizen.

    The People all across the land are cutting back, spending less and choosing more wisely what they spend their hard earned money on.  We as a people are for the most part trying to pay down our debts, spend less and in a sense “suck it up” as this economic hurricane blows through. And all these actions are simply a common sense move necessitated by the current economic circumstances.

    What does the government do? They do the exact opposite of what the average hard working, tax paying American does - Since October of 2008 our government has been on a massive spending frenzy, getting deeper into debt and - freely and unconstitutionally - printing money out of thin air – flooding the economy with trillions of dollars, greatly diluting the current supply. What will this do? We will feel these particular repercussions in the years to come.

    Why is the government acting in this way? Our government panicked. They were at a financial crossroads and felt they needed immediate action – and the only thing they know how to do (and not very well) is SPEND MONEY. In their greed inspired panic they decided that money was the answer and began to dole out billions of dollars to their constituents, to Wall Street, Banks, Insurance companies and whatever other program tickled their fancy.

    Our current government leaders used this economic calamity to enrich many industries, groups, executives and themselves. A total disgrace. In my opinion – punishable by jail. They should have let Bears Stearns collapse when the free market said they should – let the chips fall where they may and NOT sink their teeth into their current “bail out” philosophy.

    Our government is not acting in a responsible manner. They now believe and will continue to believe with the new President elect, that spending money is the only answer to our problems. If the average American tax payer thought this way we’d all be bankrupt – like our government. The average American tax payer is cutting back and downsizing – our government MUST do this as well.

    The government will not suffer in the new year as average Americans will. The government will continue to grow. Not one of our elected officials will be suffering and I can assure you they will not be “cutting back”, in fact they will continue on in their arrogant, elitist ways. Our government should immediately take these actions:

    • Pay down debt
    • Spend far less
    • Cut taxes
    • Greatly contract in size
    • Forget any stimulus packages
    • Encourage investment
    • Lower Capital Gains tax
    • Lower Dividends tax
    • Invest in PRODUCTION
    • Significantly tighten our borders
    • Encourage work not welfare

    Yes it’s true, the government, our government, needs to act like an average tax paying American and suck it up a bit. We the People are doing it – and WE are the bosses! Join us as we try to voice our opinion on the lack of common sense that is being used (not used) in Washington – by our elected officials. Join us as we voice our opinion that the government needs to greatly reduce its size and its budget by at least 50% . Our government needs to immediately stop the wasteful spending and corruption that is flushing our hard earned tax dollars down the drain. We need to SHAKE these people up! Free Speech, Assemble and Petition!

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