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    by Founder on January 2, 2009

    in Current Politics, Government, Voice of the People

    It is now time to start a new year. I think we can all agree, that 2008 was quite a roller coaster ride. Between the ongoing Presidential campaigns and our sinking economy, we all need a break. We need a break from the negativity, corruption, lying and manipulation that our government has seemed to morph into.

    Maybe it’s because of the big, big money that flows in and around Washington and that it has blinded our elected officials. Maybe it’s because our elected officials have become overly power hungry – and view obtaining that power as one of their main and perhaps only goal – they want to make it so all Americans are dependent on the government - and then they will never lose those votes.

    But let us hope and pray that 2009 is a year filled with the right decisions. Let us hope that the right decisions are made by our elected officials. Yet, is that all I have to go on, my hope? Do I have to just sit back and “hope” these people stop leading us down the path to Socialism? Is that what our founding fathers would have thought about this situation? Would they have just sat back and “hoped” that all would be well? Or would they have taken action?

    That is what I see 2009 as – the year of the People’s ACTION. We as a people, can now see where our country is heading – with the nationalization of our major industries, the soon to happen bailouts of most states and townships and the leadership of individuals who ignore the Constitution – we can see that Socialism and Marxism is just around the corner, if not already knocking on the door.

    We the People of the United States of America – who believe in the Constitution, free markets, our liberties and our freedoms – must be called to action in 2009. We must stand for what we believe in and make the impossible, possible. We must break through the so called impenetrable government and make our voices heard! Imagine being a citizen and not being able to have your voice heard – not having a hand in the decisions that effect your future and your child’s future? This is what the current administration wants and believes in.

    Do you see what is ahead for this year? The massive spending and debt creation that will continue throughout the next few years? This is all merely a band aid to the problem – it may create a bubble for a bit but it will be artificial. This money must come from somewhere – it simply cannot be printed and “promised” to be good. It will eventually crumble and be worth nothing. We cannot allow this to happen.

    By exercising our rights as stated in the Constitution – we have to use our Free Speech, Assemble peacefully and Petition the government for change. Does this sound like all a pipe dream? If it does then it is even MORE important that we take action now.

    Will you let people like Barney Frank, Henry Paulson, Chris Dodd, Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and all those other mindless lifelong politicians mold your future? Do you want them to mold your children’s futures? That alone should be a scary enough thought to make you act. But we must act. The Constitution clearly lays out the procedures to question and change our government - but the battle ahead of us is to break through the corruption that acts like a glue – sticking all of these politicians together.

    I don’t think it’s impossible. It IS possible with the coordinated efforts of all tax paying citizens. But we must act TOGETHER – In large numbers. Without the numbers the politicians will not even blink an eye.

    Remember this fact – We control the dollars. We have the TAX money. The government has to ask us for the tax money – keep this very important point in mind as 2009 plays out. A coordinated tax revolt throughout small to medium sized businesses and individuals would have them crawling on their knees begging for the money – our money. We need to REVERSE the trend! We the People are the bosses of this country. Let’s make 2009 the year we grab back control and bring some common sense back to our government! Join me today and voice YOUR opinion.

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