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  • Enumerated Powers Act

    by Founder on January 3, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Does anyone know what this is? Ask the average person walking by on the street if they know what this is. What do you think they will say? This is a great example of the American people not having any idea as to what is going on with our government – and why our government is allowed to run our economy into the ground.

    The masses of the American people are “asleep at the wheel”. People for the most part do not know what our government is doing or is planning to do. Nor do they care. This is the root of the problem as to why the government has been able to take control of the country without any regard for the people – its citizens.

    The Enumerated Powers Act is a proposed law that would require all bills introduced in Congress to include a statement setting forth the specific Constitutional authority under which the law is being enacted. All our elected officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution – so this law must have passed no problem , right? WRONG!

    We are now in the 110th Congress – yet in every Congress since the 104th, Congressman John Shadegg has introduced the Enumerated Powers Act – although it has never been passed into law. Now why would this be?

    Why would a group of people sworn to uphold the Constitution not want to pass this act? Maybe it’s because they are all incapable of telling the truth. If they were true in their statements – when they SWEAR to uphold the Constitution and the spirit of its words – they would pass this law. But by not passing this law they show themselves to be hipocrits.

    This clearly shows the direction our great country is heading in. Our personal liberties and freedoms do not just vanish all at once. Your personal liberties and freedoms are and will be slowly taken away one at a time. Not all at once because everyone would then notice. But our government knows their people – they know that most people will not pay attention to what they are doing – the American people will be too busy watching TV to notice or to even understand what is happening to them. Our government knows this and is counting on you having NO INTEREST.

    No, the current elected officials in Congress have proven they will NEVER pass this type of law because it will prevent them from amassing tremendous power and leverage over the American people. So what are we going to do about it? How can we allow a Congress to exist that only has a so called 10% public approval?

    People we must act before it is too late. If we wait any longer – it may be too late. The Congress and our elected officials have every intent on doing whatever they want – regardless of what the Constitution says – they will take your money, give it to someone else and limit the very freedoms they were elected to protect.

    God help America and God bless it’s hard working, tax paying citizens. Join me today and stand tall for what you believe in. Make your voice heard today!

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