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  • Wake Up America!

    by Founder on January 4, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The way our government is running our country and the kinds of decisions they are making makes me think that the American people are sleeping. How can we as a people allow what is happening in our government? Everyone must be made aware of how our elected leaders have been screwing each and every one of the American tax payers. The Constitution allows us to address and CHANGE the direction our government is taking us in – but we must act in large numbers – one voice will not do it.

    America’s financial future is in trouble.

    • Obama and the Congressional Democrats are considering a MASSIVE spending package aimed at pulling the economy out of a recession
    • The national debt is expected to jump by $2Â TRILLION this year.
    • A looming problem? Approximately 40% of the debt held by private investors will mature in a year or less according to the Treasury Department.
    • When those loans come due, the Treasury will have to borrow more money to repay them – all at the same time while the U.S. launches the most aggressive expansion of its debt in history.
    • This massive and rapid accumulation of debt began when the nation slipped into a Recession on the heels of the corrupt housing and mortgage mess.
    • Since then Washington has approved $168 Billion to stimulate economic activity, $700 Billion to supposedly prevent the collapse of the U.S. financial system and multi billion dollar bail outs for many different financial institutions – including AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    But wait there is more to come!

    • Obama and Congressional Democrats are now debating and wanting as much as $850 Billion in NEW spending!
    • This spending binge will occur in 2009 when the cost of the bail outs PLUS another stimulus package – combined with slowing tax revenues will force our government to increase their debt by as much as $2 TRILLION!

    What does the debt consist of? Your debt. My debt. America’s debt.

    • The national debt now stands at nearly $10.7 Trillion
    • $4.3 Trillion of this debt is actually owed to other government institutions – such as Social Security.
    • $6.4 Trillion of the debt is held by private investors
    • Foreign investors hold about $3 Trillion of the U.S. debt.
    • China increased its holdings of U.S. debt by 42% over the last year.

    What does all this mean? G. William Hoagland, a long time Republican budget analyst, says “When you accumulate this amount of debt that we are moving into, it’s not a given that our foreign friends will continue on the path they have been on.” There’s going to come a time when we can’t even pay the interest on the money we’ve borrowed. That’s default.”

    Need we say more? It’s clear that our government is heading for bankruptcy – the American people need to wake up and see what’s happening! Obama is urging leaders to “act quickly” on this stimulus package. Sound familiar? Like how Congress told the people that they must pass the bail outs “right away” or fear economic collapse. The U.S. government of today works on the public’s fears with scare tactics.

    For instance, Obama says “Economists from across the political spectrum agree that if we don’t act swiftly and boldly, we could see a much deeper economic downturn that could lead to double digit unemployment and the American dream slipping further and further out of reach.” Scary words indeed as he is trying to build fear in the American people – once again.

    The American dream is slipping further and further out of reach alright and it’s directly because of these stimulus programs and the governments inability to STOP SPENDING! The government, by thinking they are helping the economy, is actually sinking this economy deeper and deeper into a financial crisis with it’s actions.

    Let the free markets prevail, let businesses fail if they are going to, let Capitalism reign free and the government must stop trying to control and manipulate the economy with it;s rediculous spending policies. Lord help America in 2009 and 2010.

    He goes on to say “However we got here, the problems we face today are not Democratic problems or Republican problems.” And he is so right – they are the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS!

    It is scary to me as an American citizen to see the direction our country is heading down. If Obama is allowed to carry out his “vision” of what he believes America should be and represent – America will soon be a Socialist/Marxist society if it is not already . We the People need to WAKE UP! We must band together to use our Free Speech, Assemble peacefully and to Petition the government to DEMAND change.

    We must break through this government barrier and get our elected officials to actually hear our pleas. We must rise up in large numbers and make our voice heard. Please help me and stand for what you believe in . Join me as I try to save this great country for our nation’s children. Make your voice heard today!

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