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  • The Dwindling Constitution

    by Founder on January 5, 2009

    in Abuses of the Constitution, Current Politics, Government, Voice of the People

    Since our Constitution was written and ratified over 200 years ago, our country has proudly and heroically defended its principles in many different bloody wars. These wars were fought to protect our rights and liberties – and countless numbers of men, women and children have died for this cause.

    Yet the very Constitution that we have fought to defend for two centuries -Â is now (and has been for decades) in danger of being completely ignored and dismissed. If We the People do not rise up now and stand for the values and principles we believe in – then all those lives will have been lost in vain – for nothing.

    The real enemies to America today are not the ones the media talks about all day. The real enemies to our country’s future are our elected politicians who are destroying our economy and in doing so guiding us on a path towards Socialism – ignoring the Constitution which they swore to uphold.

    One of the bloodiest wars we ever fought, World War II, was fought to battle Fascism and its spread. We thought we had won the war and defeated this horrible “Fascism” – but little did we know it would soon rear its ugly head again, this time within our own borders – within our own government – now saturating the government with arrogant corruption and deception.

    I speak of somehow taking over the government and changing what is happening - but all the media and those I speak with say – “this is not possible. The police would stop you, the military would stop you – it just would be not possible – you would be thrown in jail”. Well what if I tell you that this has already happened! The worst possible type of “terrorists” have already infiltrated our government and make their policies without regard to the people or the Constitution. Could the Constitution be getting eaten away a little at a time without the American people knowing it?  Yes it can – and is.

    For the past 50 years our government has been creating policy that is in violation of the Constitution. Our Federal government has been assuming powers and taking actions that have no foundation in any provisions of the Constitution. And they justify these powers saying they are doing something for the “good” of society while in the mean time their actions gradually chip away at your rights and freedoms (and mine too).

    Yet, most if not all of these newly assumed powers have spawned thousands of government programs that are filled with corruption and lack of accountability – this is with your tax dollars – the money that you work hard for. The politicians will never say they are going against the Constitution - they will simply say they are just “bending” it a bit or that there is a need to be “flexible” given the current circumstances. And now with the “new breed: administration there is even open contempt for the Constitution and its principles.

    So what are we as a people to do? We can exercise our remaining Constitutional rights of Free Speech, Assembly and Petition. But is this enough or should we get real for a moment?

    Thomas Jefferson once suggested that we ought to have a revolution once every 20 years. I think we are long overdue, don’t you? He also said the the Tree of Liberty should be watered with the blood of patriots. Well, I think the Tree of Liberty is getting a little dry and surely needs watering. We as a people have ignored and trusted the government for too long – without action. Will it be necessary again for there to be bloodshed to allow our Constitution to once again be taken seriously?

    Join me as I try to keep our Constitution alive. Stand behind our Constitution and stand behind Thomas Jefferson. We are the Patriots and Revolutionaries of our time. If we do nothing this country, our economy and the principles this country was built on will all be a thing of the past. Stand with me and help protect our dwindling Constitution – the tree needs watering.

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