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  • Socialism is Un-Constitutional!

    by Founder on January 6, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    That sounds like such a silly statement – but it is true. Where in the Constitution does it speak of the “nationalization of industry” and the “nationalization of banks”? Where does it say anything about this?

    When Obama got sworn into office – he swore to uphold the Constitution “to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” – he said this and he swore to this – but was he simply lieing? His actions now show that he has no regard for the Constitution – which preaches Capitalism – rather Obama wants government controlled Socialism leaning towards Communism.

    This radical talk and action actually began late in the Bush administration as talk of the first bail out began to emerge. Yet, to me it almost seemed as if it was a foregone conclusion that Obama was to win the Presidential election – and that this first bail out was done as a favor to him to “get the ball rolling”. Either way, the Socialist movement had begun and it was at that time that the stock market began to crumble.

    This initial bail out was an out right violation of all that the Constitution stands for – and a very cowardly way to attack a problem. This set the stage for Obama to take over in January and it really began the process of destroying the wealth of this nation. Let’s look at a few statistics about the stock market:

    1. Since initial talk of the bail outs and the first one that was passed on October 3, 2008 – the market has declined 40%.
    2. Since Obama has been elected – the market has dropped 20%.
    3. Since Obama’s $100 million inauguration – the stock market has dropped 17%.

    The stock market holds a good portion of America’s hard working, tax payer’s retirement money, their 401k’s, their mutual funds – all of investment that occurs in America and the values of all the different companies that are publicly traded – all of these values have declined tremendously since the first bail outs and especially since Obama has begun instituting his radical Socialist policies.

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    All of these policies you are seeing from Obama are un-Constitutional, un-Capitalistic and straight out UN-AMERICAN! Yet no one in Congress is standing up to this man. No one is saying that he is doing the wrong thing – IF there is any one saying any thing their voices are muffled – because I am not hearing them AND they are NOT stopping any of these radical policies from being passed. Where is that one person who stands out that is screaming that “this is insanity” – where is this rebel?

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    How is it that the government keeps spending TRILLIONS of dollars IT DOES NOT HAVE? How can this go on with these seemingly intelligent people in Congress – supposedly looking out for the American tax payers best interest? How can this continue? The only answer is that they do not care what the people say – that they have an agenda and that they are going to do whatever they want to do – damn the tax payers!

    Obama lied the first second he was in office – he is not upholding the Constitution – and he knew he wouldn’t. Socialism is un-Constitutional and it is exactly what our young men and women have fought wars to prevent. Yet this new president is trying to destroy America – right in front of everyone’s face – all from within our borders. Obama is the terrorist. Congress is the terrorists. Our country is being destroyed from within the walls of Congress and the White House – our Constitution has been thrown out with Obama’s trash.

    Please make your voice heard today and sign in to be counted as an American for the Constitution. Stand strong in your principles and values. Do not give in to the temptations that the Obama administration is offering you – for the “small” price of losing your freedoms – don’t take that bait. Socialism must die or else the will and the spirit of the true American will wither away never to be seen again. Let us use our voting power and vote strong in 2010 and stronger in 2012. Make your voice heard today!

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