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  • Must Allow the Country to Fail

    by Founder on January 7, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    How many times did Einstein fail before he invented the light bulb? How many times did the Wright Brothers fail before they actually flew an airplane? How many times did Henry Ford fail before he came out with the assembly line and the Ford cars? There is nothing wrong with failure.

    Throughout the 90′ and up to today society and those that are very liberal minded have looked down upon failures. These people don’t want anything to fail – for fear that it might “hurt their feelings” or “make them feel bad.” And this all started with the parents and the schools. With the parents because of their lack of discipline given to their children – their desire to be their kids “friend” and for the schools for not wanting any kid to fail.

    Schools would begin to make up different grades so the kid would not receive an “F” – that would hurt their feelings – and they began to allow for “incompletes” and allowing the student to do things over in an attempt to pass them. But over the years and decades of this type of coddling – what does this produce? A non competitive person who will have trouble making it in the real world. Kids are now given trophies just because they are “on the team” – not because they won. Kids are getting trophies for coming in 9th place – to make them “feel” like they won. These people don’t want to hurt their feelings. Society didn’t and doesn’t want to have anyone feel like they were a loser, a failure. Is this how you feel?

    All of this liberal and loose guidance has led straight to our national government. Our politicians don’t want any “losers” either. No the government doesn’t want any losers. They want to bail out all the industries to prevent them from failing. They want to bail out all those who should not have a mortgage – to make them “feel” right again. All of these bail outs because of their screw ups and greed!

    When you have corrupt and incompetent leaders like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank – who arrogantly flaunt the Constitution and the American citizen – what do you do? Do you see these people going to jail or being held accountable for their treasonist actions? You don’t because of the loose, liberal and apathetic attitudes of those around them.

    Everything the government is doing now is to cover their own mistakes, greed and corruption – all at the expense of the American tax payer! No one can or will call them to the task. They simply change the rules to fit what they want to do and continue their march towards trying to control every aspect of your life – taking away your money and your freedoms – and making you, the American citizen, dependent on the government. This is their goal.

    The answer is that failure is a good thing! it cleans out the system. The free markets and Capitalism are able to respond and the companies that will grow and thrive in these times are the ones that roll up their sleeves and use entrepreneurship, ingenuity, creativity and and a ‘bring it on” type attitude. That’s the good ole American attitude. Not “what can the government do for me”?

    This is Capitalism. This is what America is all about. It’s not about making sure that companies last forever – no matter if they make money or not. It is about the strong shall survive. Let those that are out of money and simply run into the ground – fail. Let them have the possibility of failure just like any of the other millions of small businesses across this great land of entrepreneurs. We don’t get a bail out because we don’t lobby the government like those other big industries do – hey wait a minute - or do we?

    We the People are the largest lobbyists in Washington – don’t We the People provide them with the bulk of their “revenue”? We must never forget this. We are the bosses. They work for us. We must NEVER forget this.

    Failure is good. This is how we learn. Let children fail in school. Make them try harder. Let the small business fail if they don’t do it right. Let the other business thrive if they do – do it right. Give a trophy to the winner. Give a pat on the back to the others – with a “next time you’ll get em”.

    Let things fail – clean out the system – let the free markets work. The free markets got you every thing you have – everything. Let what will fail - fail and what will prosper – let it prosper. if our government continues to try and manipulate the markets – the future of this country as a world leader will be done.

    It really is a very simple game to play. This country thing. The rules of the game are outlined in the Constitution and our elected officials are no longer following the rules. We as a people must rise up in large numbers and protest what is occurring.

    If we do not change our ways as a society and begin once again to let things and people fail as the market and nature dictates – then the “pushed off” collapse of our economy will be far worse than if it were allowed to simply “reboot” on its own. Let the free markets and capitalism once again rule our country. Make your voice heard today.

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