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  • No Faith in Government

    by Founder on January 9, 2009

    in Government

    Do you have faith in our government’s ability to fix the economic disaster that THEY CREATED? We are listening to and counting on the same elected officials who ruined our economy. All they do now is blame others for the problem and worry about how they will be elected in the next election. I have NO faith in our governments ability to get out of this mess. I do have faith in the free markets. An immediate intervention is necessary and We the People must do it.

    We must get the federal government out and keep them out in order to let the markets work. Right now our government is of the thought that they are the only ones who can fix our problems – this is the mind set of the new President elect and every one of his cabinet members – which equals Socialism.

    The government must immediately turn all economic activity over to the free markets. Yes, things will be tough for a while but this must occur. The government has overinflated home values, they have borrowed and spent way too much money and they have allowed our production capabilities to decay – let Capitalism and the free markets fix this problem.

    Our government is forcing us deeper into debt with another $1.2 trillion or more ready to be printed and spent. We need to produce goods not just consume. We need to invest in production not in worthless infrastructure projects. The new stimulus package desired by the new administration is filled with waste – at a time when we cannot waste one penny.

    We as a people are now living on borrowed money and borrowed time. Based on our governments current economic policies, it’s just a matter of time before our economy suffers further severe downturns, depression and super inflation. Our government is trying to manipulate the markets and circumvent capitalism – but this cannot be done – there are tough timers ahead.

    Our elected officials are leading us down a path to disaster.

    • We are currently financing a war and foreign policy that costs way too much and we should immediately bring our troops home to save hundreds of billions of dollars.
    • They are planning on a stimulus package that is a long term disaster waiting to happen. Our governments current activities are only acting to stifle our economic growth – not enhance it. The government is throwing gas on a fire and creating inflation to pay for the bail outs.
    • Our currency is based on an illusion and false trust. The dollar originally had real value being backed by gold and silver. In 1971 this all changed. Every paper currency in history has become worthless and it is usually the end of an empire when their currency is destroyed. Gold and silver are real money – paper is not.

    As it stands now, our governments debt is not repayable and will default. We must go back to what the Constitution says and once again make Gold and Silver legal tender. If our government is going to lead us on this path to Socialism we must tie our money back into gold – this will immediately help the economy and strengthen our financial position.  But how do we get this done or will it ever get done? How do we actually change the direction that our government is leading us in? What do we do this?

    We the people must react and react in a strong way. If we just sit back and watch everything unfold on TV we will be a Socialist/Fascist society in the blink of an eye. Remember the government wants you to be dependent on them for your needs – this guarantees those in power millions of votes – it’s all about power.

    We must rise up and voice our opinion. We must rise up in large numbers and STOP this insanity. We must bring common sense back to our government and STOP THIS MADNESS!

    Please make your voice heard. If not here, then do it somewhere else – but make your voice heard! We must not just stand here like mindless zombies and let our government run our economy and freedoms into the ground. If you do nothing and watch it all happen – our freedoms we be slowly taken away until one day when the government has a say in everything you do, buy and desire. Or is it that way now? Make your voice heard today!

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