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  • The Decline of the Constitution

    by James Taylor on January 9, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    When the Constitution was originally written – there were certain “self evident” truths that were understood about the Constitution. One of them was that the citizens of the states were sovereign over the central government that they created. The citizens were in charge of the federal government not the other way around. yet, this could only be so if certain mechanisms existed – namely the right to secession. If it’s not what they bargained for – they can get out and live independently.

    Without these political mechanisms in place the forces of nationalism and political power would be able to reshape the Constitution with their words and eventually move out those that truly believe in and protect the Constitution. Once this occurs the Constitution would officially be dead.

    How did we get to the point where our government butts into every aspect of our lives – from setting the drinking age, to how much farmers can grow, to the amount of sugar I can eat and even to what size toilet I can have? How did we allow them to creep into our lives to such an extent?

    When the Constitution was written the states were sovereign entities and could not be controlled by the central government. In fact the central government (Congress) could not even impose taxes on the citizens. Ahhhh the good ole days.

    Then in one of the first moves by an elected official to manipulate the system, the then President John Adams, appointed dozens of judges and appointed John Marshall to the Supreme Court on March 3, 1801. Marshall then spent the rest of his career arguing that the federal government’s power is not limited – as others had interpreted the Constitution to mean. And this was the beginning of a 200+ year march to squash the Constitution solely for the purposes of government obtaining more power.

    In his most famous decision of all – Judge Marshall – gave the federal judiciary the power to rule on the constitutionality of both statutory law and the behavior of the Executive branch. This basically means that the Supreme Court granted itself the authority to declare the will of the people - irrelevant. And so began Taxation without Representation. Until then Americans believed that the citizens of the states, as well as the President and Congress, should have equal claims on their interpretation of the Constitution. All this would soon change.

    Marshall also paved the way for the Supremacy Clause. This grants “supremacy” to the Federal government for the 17 functions that are outlined in Article I, Section 8. This clause has been greatly abused by the government as they now feel they are somehow “supreme” in anything and everything with regards to the American people. And so set the grounds for the coming Socialism.

    Marshall and later Abraham Lincoln would say that the Constitution was ratified by the “whole people” and not by the citizens of independent sovereign states. According to this view the Federal government was always the master and not the servant to the people.

    In McCulloch vs. Maryland , Marshall furthered the view that the Federal government had “implied powers” in the Constitution. He justified a central bank which is mentioned no where in the Constitution under actual powers.

    This created the situation where the powers of the Federal government were now only limited to the “imaginations” of the politicians. A very dangerous situation indeed. For instance look at the recent Patriot Act which is in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment and of course, thousands of other major and minor power grabs.

    Abraham Lincoln was one of the biggest Constitutional abusers in history. Lincoln led America into an unneeded war (over slavery) as other countries abolished slavery without war. He greatly increased federal powers and flaunted the Constitution - all at the expense of the rights of the states and the people. This then opened the door for even more unconstitutional acts throughout the 1900′s and up through today.

    Soon our government was attacking capitalism in the name of the “public good” – sound familiar? Yet the truth is that capitalism already serves the “common good” and regulation by the government is always because of “special interest groups”. These attacks continued after the New Deal as the government ignored the Constitution and the free markets and put individualism on the path to extinction opening he door for Socialism.

    Between 1937 and 1995 not a single federal law was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Not one piece of legislation was seen as exceeding the powers that were granted by the Constitution. How can this be? This is how the federal government has invaded every aspect of our lives and put themselves in the position to single handedly ruin our economy and the financial futures of the American tax paying citizen.

    Therefore it is proven that (corrupt) “judicial review” does not protect the liberties of the people (as designed by the Constitution) rather it expands the size and powers of the government – at the expense of the people and their freedoms.

    So what are the American people to do? We must act to clarify the rights of the states to secede from the union. This is in the Constitution and it is a right granted to us – the people.

    We must be allowed to secede from this all powerful, greedy federal government that is ruining our futures. Yes – if you do this you will be agreeing to lose all the benefits of membership BUT you would regain all the freedoms that this “membership” has taken away.

    This is what they did in “Atlas Shrugged” – they made their own world – their own state – and were completely self sufficient – they no longer needed the government – but the government surely needed them. John Gault was right. Let us – We the People – let us all be John Gault and live our own lives – without government interference. We know what is best – not the government. Stand with me today people and make your voice heard. The situation and the Constitution demands it!

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