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  • HR 4040 – A Constitutional Abuse

    by Founder on January 12, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Article 1 section 10 of our Constitution demanded that Congress pass no ex post facto law, which is a law that is retroactive. HR 4040 is clearly such an illegal law, and only one Conressman, Ron Paul, had the courage and integrity to vote against it.Â
    Ex post facto laws are illegal for good reason. How can someone be rightly held accountable for an activity that was not illegal when he did it? Ex post facto laws also eliminate the ability of the public to consider the ramifications of Congressional acts before the detrimental effects occur.Â
    The Constitution established a union of united soverign States, that agreed to hand over an explicit list of powers to the federal government. The federal government was not given a monopoly on the interpretation of the Constitution. The States have every right to ignore and nullify any federal law that they feel is in violation of the Constitution. Such State actions were widely understood, and carried out before Lincoln’s war against Southern independance. Â
    The passage of HR 4040 was a reckless and illegal act and should therefore be recinded by the federal government and nullified by the States.

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