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  • What Does America Stand For?

    by Founder on January 12, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Does America have a personality any more? Does America have character any more? What exactly does America stand for now? When the Declaration of Independence was written – America had a purpose. When the Constitution was written America had a purpose. But over the decades and through the centuries it seems America has drifted from its purpose, its goals and its character.

    What is the character of America today? Do you feel America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Do you feel America is filled with hard working Americans anymore or is it filled with people who are here for a free ride?

    America stood for hard work, perseverance, never giving up and allowing everyone the chance to achieve their financial dreams – does this climate still exist? Do you feel that America is the place to achieve all your financial dreams? Do you feel comfortable starting up a new business in this “rapidly turning Socialist” society? Or are there now too many restrictions, regulations and taxes?

    download sgt bilko dvdrip America stood for a government that was built by the people and for the people.  A government that consisted of elected officials – chosen by the people – elected officials who swore to uphold the Constitution and its intent. What has happened to honesty in America? What has happened to character in America? Do you trust your elected officials? Do you feel the government is now completely corrupt and filled with individuals who are only in it for their own personal good?

    This is why they have quickly ruined our economy and the moral fabric of our society. A government cannot be run based on the individual desires of its politicians – it must be run based on the good of society as a whole – decisions must be made with clarity, honesty and moral character without the need to satisfy personal greed.

    This is the problem America is now facing. A character and trust problem. Because of the rampant corruption that those in power have exercised – the American people no longer trust their elected officials. Can our elected officials really look in the mirror with pride. Can they really look at themselves and be proud of what they have done for America – to America?

    America stood for Capitalism, entrepreneurs, ingenuity and hard work – what has happened? Where has this attitude gone? America now seems to stand for Fascism – total government control – government control of the economy and government control of every aspect of your lives. Is this what America now stands for? Is this what a large portion of the populous wants? I am sorry to say that those on the government dole – which is growing everyday – those receiving government payment – they do want this – they do want to be taken care of.

    Were the hard working, tax paying American people asleep at the wheel for the past 30 years? Did we sufficiently trust our elected officials to the point that they simply saw the blind trust and apathetic attitudes – and took advantage of this sleeping populous to line their own pockets -  at the expense of the American people? Give them a foot they take a yard – give them a yard they take a mile. We can no longer trust our elected officials.

    Is America now only about money? America was not always about money. It was about family, God, respect, care for each other and freedom. Now America is all about making money and spending money – at any and all expense.

    TV is now run by greed. The morals and respect once displayed through our televisions is now gone and replaced by immorality, decadence and filth. Their goal is now to simply get viewers and sell advertising – by showing whatever it takes to satisfy the cravings of an increasingly dumbed down and apathetic audience.  All at the expense of the nations young children who are watching the TV and being formed by its teachings.

    So where is this country headed? Our country is out of control. It is now like a pot of water that is beginning to bubble over. If left on the heat and allowed to bubble over – eventually the water will dry up and the pot will burn. This is where our country is headed. Without any moral character in how Americans live their lives, without any character or honesty in how our elected officials govern this country – this country’s pot of water is soon to boil over.

    scary movie divx online This country cannot keep slamming ahead full tilt without some type of cataclysmic occurrence snapping every citizen back to reality. An event that will snap the American people back to reality as did the tragedy of  9/11. However, this new event may take the form of a severe depression and inflation – because of our governments actions – that blankets our country for the coming years just as if it were a big dark cloud hovering over our land. I don’t want this to occur – but based on where we are and where we are heading as a country – this event is not only necessary but it will be the best thing that could happen to America – giving us our real America back and cleansing our society of it’s unmitigated greed.

    America needs to be cleansed of its arrogant corruption and greed. Once again the American citizen must be humbled and reminded of where we came from – how we all started. It was in a single room in Philadelphia packed by intelligent, educated individuals with common sense who had as their focus – the greater good of the people and America’s future. Too many years have now passed and apparently these men and their deeds have been long since forgotten.Â

    We need these people back again. We need leaders we can actually quote. is there any one today you can quote? And have that quote last for decades? Does any one of our leaders say anything anymore that’s even worth repeating? Where is the great rhetoric of our founders? Will any leader please stand up without a written script? We need leaders who say things that aren’t written down for them. We need leaders who speak from their hearts with pride, character and the belief that America is for the people and by the people.

    America needs to figure out what it stands for before we can right this ship and head back down the road toward Capitalism, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Stand with me in this forum and voice your opinion. Stand with me as a tax paying American who believes in Capitalism and all its virtues. Stand strong with me and shout your displeasure with the direction our country is going in – help me right the ship and redefine what America stands for.

    Remember watching Superman when you were younger? At the end of the intro they said that Superman would fight for “Truth. justice and the American way”. This is what we need. We need a leader who will fight for the American people. We need a leader and a mindset that will fight for “truth, justice and the American way”. The question is – what is the American way? The answers are in the Constitution. Make your voice heard today.

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    Lauren June 15, 2012

    More like corporate control…It’s ironic that a society like ours, which extols the virtues of equality and justice is also perhaps the most stratified in the industrialized world! If our country were not at all “socialist” we would not have anything public including fire stations, roads to drive on, police officers or a 911 number to call…come on, wake up-1% of the nation controls 40% of wealth, don’t tell me they worked harder than anyone else and therefore deserve it! This is insanity.


    Jade July 7, 2012

    “America stood for hard work, perseverance, never giving up and allowing everyone the chance to achieve their financial dreams – does this climate still exist?”
    - It never did if you place history of America together, and according to attitude and situation, I don’t think it ever will.


    MAONANONG December 6, 2012

    The America we have today is the most disloyal nation there is in the world…pretends to LOVE and PRACTICE democracy. Its true LOVE is on money…


    The kind of guy it takes!!! March 17, 2013

    this is true but not for all of us aspiring americans. i grew up in the 90′s and was one of the happyest most go lucky children you could have found but since my parents devorce and my travles many a time back and forth from canada to the states i have seen the very world i grew up in change! this change was not for the better either. this nation has gone from the prosparity of our neighbors and us to where am i getting my next doller from, my next fix? if nothing else how can i hurt those who are different from myself and keep them from advancing in this life? hate and greed have replaced the coggs, gears and chains that drive our nation. the key solution to out nations problems is education. courses that our nation teaches in universities and comunity collages are par for grad schoolers of other nations. our rights have all but dissapeared education can only save us if we use it not manipulate it and prevert to the extent of absolute idocey. knowlage is our power. one thing i can not understand is what do our elected officials know that we don’t? once the ride is over where does the patron go? how can they go anywhere once the “amuisment park” has been desentigrated? wake up my fellow country men educate your selves in the mathamatic , sciences, linguistics, and phylosophies of the entire world. protect your children and educate them on a higher level of understanding. take back the power from the elect. please wake up America


    Lori March 23, 2014

    The only thing of education in this country, is who you can wipe out to make yourself look better, math wasn’t one of them.
    The honesty of this country is how many new diseases have been discovered, gold is not good to the body.
    At one time in some world, a podium was for someone that had important information, with a well thought logical solution.
    Wealth at some point knew how to keep it going, even if limited to a smaller area.
    Truth, brain disorders have increased in the wealthy as have the poor.
    Truth, people worry more about someone else making a life, more than theirself.
    69 86, you can say we got it all!


    incognito November 19, 2015

    instead of looking to leaders to quote, maybe we should look to the citizens.


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