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  • Do Americans Have What it Takes Anymore?

    by Founder on January 14, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Our Country is going through tough times right now, but our country has gone through hard times before as well. And America has broken through these hard times of the past by displaying honor, pride and a “never keep me down” attitude. America forged through the tough times of the past with a pioneering attitude of strength, independence and courage. No one guaranteed anything to these pioneers of the past – there were no free lunches. These people were tough, determined and had the attitude that they didn’t need any ones help – they wanted to do it all on their own – because of pride.

    Does the American of today have this same spirit? Is there an American of today? Does America have a true culture anymore? Or has America allowed itself to have its personality stripped away - by giving up on preserving its national language, securing its borders and guarding its national culture. What is the definition of an American anymore? Or is America now a mish mash of different cultures and languages – all of these different people living together - without any desire to assimilate with each other? This is a recipe for disaster and civil unrest. Where has the American culture gone?

    Do Americans have what it takes anymore? Are there enough true Americans left to actually make a difference? Are there enough true Americans left who have the spirit of our past pioneers – who have the spirit of our founding fathers? Or are all these people gone?

    Are the masses of the American people now in the “I give up” mode? Are the majority of so called Americans now in the mode of “I need help” and “who will help me”? And are these same people looking to the “big daddy” government for their help?  Is this what the Americans of the past would have done? Why didn’t all the immigrants coming to this country in the early 1900′s look to the government for help? Why is it that these people learned the language, loved America and assimilated into the culture? What was the difference here?

    Maybe when help is not available people figure a way to get things done – on their own. When there is help – and an over abundance of help – people use it as a crutch, a safety net – or the only option. This, I am afraid is what has happened in America. Our great country -Â that was forged by hard working, tax paying, do it yourself citizens is now infested with people who want to do nothing and live for free off the government.

    This TV culture that has been grown and nurtured in America wants to sit on the couch and collect all their needs from the government. The young people of today want Socialism – the type of people who voted for our new President elect want Socialism.

    I am afraid that the spirit of hard work, character and honor has been slowly pulled from the citizens of America. (and diluted through massive ILLEGAL immigration). There is no more pioneering spirit, no more “roll up your sleeves” and let’s get to work attitude – no more “love for your country” “let’s dig in” attitude – where is the pride anymore? Where is the American pride? Where is the American?

    Do Americans have what it takes anymore? The answer I believe is no. There are not enough Americans anymore to again grow and nurture this necessary “work ethic” culture. We are now outnumbered. I believe there are more people on the government dole now – who are having more and more babies – who also have a good chance of being on the dole - and this has created an imbalance and will create an even larger imbalance in the future – especially if our government keeps printing the money, creating free hand out programs and supporting the millions of illegal immigrants who flock to this country for a free life.

    There are far less pioneers and hard workers today than there are those that want the government to be the “big daddy” and take care of all their needs.

    So my plea to you is for all hard working, tax paying – pioneer thinking Americans please sign up and make your voice heard. We must fight to not be the minority. We are losing our country. Please stand with me and voice your opinion. Stand for the Constitution – stand for your rights – stand for your future and the future of your children.

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