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  • America’s Problem in a Nutshell

    by Founder on January 15, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    President elect Barack Obama’s pick to run the Treasury Department and to lead our country out of this economic crisis has recently disclosed that he failed to pay $34,000 in taxes from 2001 – 2004. His name is Timothy Geithner and he is the man Obama has chosen to run the nation’s treasury and just days before he was chosen – Geithner paid all the taxes he neglected to pay – only when he was required to.

    Does this situation bother you? As a tax payer are you disturbed by this development? The elected leaders in our government who will work side by side with Geithner see no problem at all.

    • Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus said “These  errors were not intentional, they were honest mistakes” – like he knows the state of mind of Geithner when he evaded his taxes.
    • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said “The events were a few hiccups” and he was “not concerned at all” about the impact.
    • Charles Schumer said “In my opinion, these mistakes were not at all disqualifying”.

    These people feel this way - because they too are crooks and corrupt. All they are doing is trying to welcome Geithner into their “club”. Geithner has stated that he didn’t know he owed self employment taxes. He failed to pay taxes while working for the IMF from 2001-2003. In 2006 the IRS notified him he owed $14,847 in back taxes and $2383 in interest from 2003-2004 – which he soon paid after this audit.

    Then, this year he was chosen to head one of the most important financial positions in government – to head the Treasury Department. But days before this announcement Obama’s team discovered that Geithner had MORE taxes he didn’t pay. He didn’t pay his taxes for 2001 or 2002 either. He then paid $25,970 to satisfy his debt – days before his announcement.

    • This man didn’t know he was supposed to pay FICA? The future head of the IRS?
    • He paid his back taxes only because he was forced to
    • He signed a form with the IMF – stating that he understood he was to pay his taxes
    • The IMF actually cut him a check to pay his taxes! And they still were not paid – he simply pocketed this money – a thief.
    • He received quarterly statements from the IMF detailing his tax situation and income, so he knew exactly what he was doing.

    Is this the type of person you want running the Treasury Department? That sounds like a funny question because it’s laughable that he would even be considered for this position. Is this the type of person you want to run “anything”? Do you trust this man? Do you trust any of our high ranking government officials? This is the problem that the American tax paying citizen now has with the government – our government is filled with individuals who lack morality, honesty, character and integrity – the exact traits we need in our elected officials.

    Now – the system – those in power – Â wants a tax dodger and thief to run the Treasury Department. This is the problem with America right now. It is a problem that We the People will have a tough time over coming. When our elected officials are dishonest and lack character – how can they properly run our government? Wouldn’t their decisions all be self motivated? And corrupt? – Yes they would be and yes, this is what is now happening.

    Our government is infested with corruption, tax dodgers, pocket liners and favor givers. Governmental decisions are no longer made with the people in mind rather all government decisions are now made only for the purposes of achieving more power by the government and more dependence by the people – the little people. We the People.

    If this is not the type of person you want to run the Treasury Department, I urge you to immediately call your Congressman and implore them to NOT vote for this selection. They must vote against dishonesty. How are we as a people to trust the government when it is filled with crooks and criminals? Is this our only way out? To call our Congressman? Will this get anything done? Will they listen to us? Or will they do whatever the heck they want? These are the questions we need to think about.

    If our government will not listen to us, if a government pays no attention to its people – a revolution is on the horizon. We the People MUST rise up in large numbers and gain control of our government once again. We must raise the flag with pride and honor once again in Washington. Yes, there are flags already in Washington – but I think they should be taken down because they are represented by corrupt politicians. Then let us quickly raise new American flags – untainted and uncorrupted by the dishonest mind set that infests Washington. Make your voice heard today.

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