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  • National Health Care = More Government Dependence

    by Founder on January 17, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As Socialism is infesting our government and gobbling up our economy – the government is scheming more ways they can get the American citizen dependent on them – for anything and everything.

    house of 1000 corpses dvdrip The new Presidential administration, Congress and certainly the new Secretary of State all want National Health Care. This is another way for the government to stick their noses in all that we do and to once again interfere with the free markets in an attempt to manipulate Capitalism. The real reform needs to be done with the insurance and pharmaceutical industry and their grip that they have over skyrocketing health care costs and our government leaders.

    But our government will not take these industries to task because these industries send millions of dollars to Congress each and every year – to “grease the wheel” so to speak. Therefore our government will do the only thing it knows how to do. Remember when McDonalds had their ad campaign for “Super Size It” – well our government has their own ad slogan now – “Nationalize It”!

    That’s right our government wants to and will nationalize our health care system. Plus Obama wants to spend $130 Billion on the health care system – but most of this money will not help the average tax paying citizen. This money for health care will go towards supporting Medicaid – the health program for low income people and for those who are laid off during these bad economic times. This all fits right into Socialistic plans.

    Not only are your tax dollars going towards people who pay no taxes but the money will also be used to make these recently laid off workers MORE dependent on the government. Nationalization of our health care system puts our great country one step closer to European Socialism. You only need to look at Great Britian and elsewhere to see the effects of Socialized health care on society as a whole. This measure drastically changes the relationship between citizen and government. Each citizen now becomes MORE attached and dependent on the government.

    By the government now latching itself on to you through your health care – your dependence on the government increases exponentially. In the future, every time a tax cut is proposed – the guardians of the “big daddy” health care system will argue that any tax cuts will come at the expense of “your health care”! To the average, hard working, tax paying citizen this thought alone will dash any hopes for a tax cut, as most middle class families will be entirely dependent on the government for their health care and access to doctors and hospitals. A dire situation of dependence for the American citizen. A desired and obtained position of power for the U.S. government. The new breed of American will now always vote for who is giving them money, housing, health care, food etc.

    We the People can either sit back and watch all of this happen – or we can attempt to make our voices heard. This is a forum to make your voice heard. If you believe in the Constitution and all it stands for – then please sign in, post your thoughts and make your voice heard today! Help us petition the government for Capitalism, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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