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  • Inauguration Obscenity

    by Founder on January 18, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As Washington gets ready for the Inauguration party for the new president elect, the nation’s economic situation continues to worsen and the financial decisions made by our elected officials are like throwing gas on a fire. Yet it seems that all the “celebrities” and politicians involved don’t appear very concerned with the financial calamity we the tax payers are facing.

    Everyone involved with this inauguration – the celebrities, the politicians and certainly the new president elect himself – are all millionaires and are financially set for the rest of their lives and probably their children’s as well. So they are not necessarily “personally” concerned. Yet they must put on a show – to make the tax payers “feel” as if they are concerned. This is a pathetic display of elitism at a time when millions of hard working, tax paying citizens are losing their jobs and being forced to live on only a few thousand dollars a year. Yet, in Washington for our new “celebrity” politicians, the party goes on.

    Jim Margolis, a consultant with Obama said “What were trying to do is show that were cognizant of what the nation is facing but that we also make sure people are provided with a wonderful entertainment experience”. Well, isn’t that nice of them – they want to be sure that they “choreograph” certain parts of the inauguration to help the American people feel that Washington knows of their plight BUT what they really want to do is have a party – a $75 Million party! That you and I are paying for. They are not thinking about the tax payer’s future.

    Supposedly, the main theme of the Inauguration is “community service”. Would that be “community service” in the form of government programs? That’s right, more and more “community service” programs will be coming forth from the government – getting more and more people on the government dole – all “for the good of the people”. Sound a little like Socialism to you?

    In a show towards us – the little people – Obama has graciously decided to limit all inaugural contributions to $50,000. The committee hope to raise $45 million through donations. Where does this money go? What is it for? If someone is giving $50,000 what do they expect in return? No one just gives away their money for nothing. This is corrupt and arrogant. The average hard working American does not make $50,00 for the year, yet Washington and their buddies throw this money around like it grows on trees (in Washington it does – in the form of the printing press). Not only is the government giving the inauguration $30 million of tax payer money – but the inauguration committee is begging for more money in the form of bribes – I mean “donations” – oops.

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    Both Clinton and Bush had massive TV screens behind them to allow those standing far away to see better. Obama is simply lining the Mall with 20 massive TV screens – this over spending and elitism is a total obscenity and a slap in the face to every hard working, tax paying citizen. These people – both the celebrities and the politicians are living in a bubble and have no connection to the realities of our nations economic situation and possible upcoming financial breakdown.

    An example of the type of person who voted for the new president elect and is attending the inauguration is John Clemons, a lawyer from Illinois who has known Obama for many years. He says he expects the Obama team to “keep to their tradition of staging phenomenal events” and he sees nothing wrong with putting on this massive party in the face of an economic crisis.

    This is exactly how our government thinks. I think the word he said best was “staging” – that is the crux of this Obama campaign – being able to “stage” this man as being the answer to America’s problems. When the reality is that one man is not the answer – rather the answer lies in the Constitution – the rule book for our Democracy. The answer lies in ridding our government of the people who made our country’s misguided monetary policies – which were fueled by fraud, corruption and greed.

    The answer is not spending $75 million on what amounts to nothing – an event that will be forgotten in one week. Our government currently spend millions like the average person spends a nickel. Â Our government wants to stick their head in the sand for one night and forget their personally created financial disaster. Yet, We the People cannot forget – we must live it – we are the victims of a corrupt and power hungry government.

    Then John Clemons summed it all up nicely for the government – “We’re going to have some hard times in 2009, so I am spending my money now”. The perfect Obama voter. Again, exactly how the government thinks.

    The new administration has openly admitted that the economy will get worse – but they still insist on having this financially obscene party at the expense of every tax payer in the country. This is a true sign that Obama is a spending fool and is not in touch with the average hard working American. We must fight for capitalism or his form of Socialism will soon sweep this lazy, on the government dole population.

    Please stand with me and voice your opinion. If you are reading this – please sign in and be counted as an American who is fed up with how our government no longer represents the people. Make your voice heard today.  Stand tall, use your free speech, assemble peacefully and petition the government for a return to the Constitution and Capitalism. Join us today.

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