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  • Capitalism and Greed

    by Founder on January 19, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Greed and Capitalism go hand in hand. One is necessary for the other to exist. Greed can and should exist in our society as it’s forces are used by entrepreneurs across the country and the world to develop and produce goods and services for sale – while creating jobs and livelihoods for millions of people.

    Where greed starts to have a problem is when elected government officials stop acting in society’s best interests and instead begin acting solely in their own personal interests – forgetting the oaths they made when they decided to serve society. Greed inside a government does not work. The people are quickly forgotten and BIG MONEY soon becomes the government’s only guiding force. Great achievements and accomplishments have all been made in the private sector – not in government. Great things have been built and produced in the private sector – not in the government.

    If you want to work for the government – for the people – I commend you BUT you must understand that you are an official of the government to “serve” society. You are not there to increase your own power or your own bank account. You are in office to lead the country and make policy decisions for the good of society as a whole – without any regard to any “special interest groups”. You are not allowed to take any money from any businesses, industry groups or individuals for any reason at all. This is true service to society – void of greed. But is this possible? Where are we to find these angels who will run a society – void of greed? Is this possible?

    Greed must be kept out of government but greed is necessary for Capitalism and for society – it keeps the economic engine purring. For instance:

    • Capitalism created all the different types of computers and their looks and sizes.
    • Capitalism created that picture frame in all its different shapes, colors and sizes.
    • Capitalism gave you that map of the world hanging on your wall – with all its colors and accurate images of where everything in the world is.
    • Capitalism gave you the car that you drive with all its colors, options, safety features etc.
    • Capitalism gave you your flash light – in all kinds of sizes, shapes and strengths
    • Capitalism gave you the ability to send wonderful greeting cards to people all over the world – thousands of different cards to choose from in all different themes.

    Should I go on? There are millions of examples of how Capitalism, fueled by greed, has benefited people all over the world and especially America. Capitalism has given Americans and the people of the world the “things” that they have and use every day. Capitalism has created millions of jobs and will always continue to do so if left alone and unmanipulated.

    Time has proven that the only method of society that is able to pull those less fortunate out of their plight is a true Capitalistic society – fueled by entrepreneurs – who are fueled by their own self interests to advance themselves – a selfish greed that enables them to build a life for themselves and their family. This is where the greed of Capitalism is good. No other economic system allows for the unleashing of the productive activities that take place in a free enterprise system.

    If greed exists amoung our elected officials and guides them in their decision making at the expense of the tax payers – society will one day rise up and revolt – wanting to greatly reduce the size of government and once again insure that our elected officials are not allowed to govern through personal greed. This requires the people to intervene and re-stake our claim as the bosses – not the pawns.

    Governmental greed leads to a Socialistic society where the government begins to take over industries and require the ordinary citizen to be more and more dependent on them as each year passes. This greed leads to the use and abuse of our financial system, the banks and the Federal Reserve as money is doled out to “friends and family” at the expense of all hard working tax payers – digging the government and our futures deeper into debt. Governmental greed blinds our elected officials as they make the almighty dollar their one and only guide.

    Greed belongs in a Capitalistic society not in our government. Can this happen? Can we have a government that is run by people who actually “serve society”?  Without their own personal interests as a priority? Unfortunately, I think the answer is no. That greed is inherent in humans and if people are put into a position of power with access to huge sums of money – such as the top officials of our government –  they will eventually want to abuse this power and use their position to their personal and financial advantage.

    So what’s the answer? More intervention by the people and a reawakening of the idea that WE ARE IN CHARGE – not the government. We the People are the bosses. We want to know what they are doing and for them to be completely ACCOUNTABLE to the people with NO HIDDEN TRANSACTIONS OR BOOKKEEPING – everything is in the open. Right now this does not exist which is why they get away with what they do. We must rise up and petition for change and “transparency” – let the people back in – they are our employees – not the other way around. We the People – we must make our voices heard today. Please stand with me.

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