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  • The Sheep Flock to Washington

    by Founder on January 20, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As the masses flood Washington for Inauguration Day – I cannot but imagine that all these “followers” are following - just an “image” or a “dream” – these people are being blindly led to the gallows – by the same person who will shackle their freedoms in the coming years. In a way I feel sorry for these people. I picture all these thousands of people cheering wildly for their “savior” but cheering for what? Where were these “positive” people the last eight years? What have they been cheering for the last eight years? Do they really know what this man stands for and where he wants to take this country?

    When I look at this inauguration, I see all this staging going on in Washington – but this time obvious staging – desperately trying to make something “appear” different than it really is – something Washington does everyday, just not as obvious as in this inauguration.

    All these “celebrities” are converging on Washington to support the man who beat the man they “hate”. That’s right – most of the followers that are now in Washington have a burning “hatred” for George Bush and have shown an utter disregard and disrespect for the position of President of the United States. This seems to be the type of people they are. Yet even though Obama will continue many of Bush’s policies – this is now OK with these “blind followers”.

    All of these people are fawning over this man, reaching out to him as he goes by and putting him on a pedastal – as someone who is better than others and as someone who can solve all their problems – but remember this is all “staging”. This person that all these blind “followers” are believing in is the same person who will be restricting the very freedoms they enjoy right now. And many of these stolen freedoms may not effect these particular “invited” followers because many of them already have millions of dollars themselves and are somewhat immune to losing their freedoms as they already live in a rich bubble – not knowing the plight of the average tax paying American.

    When I look at the inauguration, I see all these multitudes of people faithfully going to Washington to show their support of the new President elect – Â but, unfortunately and with common sense, Â I also see the days, weeks, months and years that will follow this day.

    Based on Obama’s policies and Fascist philosophy – and his belief that “only government can save us now” – America is about to undergo a major face lift as the new administration tries to further get involved in every nook and cranny of your life. The new Obama government will have their hands in your pocket and their shackles on your feet.

    Socialism and Fascism are slowly riding around the streets of Washington today. In the image of hope and faith – our government is putting on the biggest “sales job” in the history of America today – conning millions of Americans into thinking that they have the people’s best interests in mind, but when the inauguration is over and the streets have been cleaned – we will still have a Fascist president sitting in the Oval Office.

    As I listened to the multitudes say how Obama has “inspired” them – in a way, it scares me – because in a few years when all this plays out – America will rise up and make a stand against BIG GOVERNMENT – and it is then that we will gladly boot this guy from office.

    We have four years people - to rise up and make our voices heard. We must stand against this administration everyday as they abuse the Constitution and what it stands for. Even though he solemnly swore to uphold the Constitution – you may not recognize this country in four years after Obama’s policies begin to permeate our great country and our freedoms bringing it to the verge of a “no return” situation.

    What are we as a people supposed to do? - When you have millions of people supporting this man and his policies – and most of these supporters have no idea what this man stands for – what are “Constitution believers” supposed to do when most of the new administration’s supporters  “support” because of their hatred for Bush – and because of other superficial, meaningless and unknowing  reasons.

    Most Obama supporters –  for the most part – are uneducated about Washington, uneducated about how our government works and unaware of what his actual policies are – yet they blindly follow this man around – all because of the media’s prompting and our sound bite society. People are so busy today – they don’t feel they have time to actually sit and study what is happening – they learn through sound bites – and this is how they have learned about their candidate and this is why they are clueless as to what his actual policies are. Brace yourselves people.

    Sit back and watch it on TV if you’d like - it will be an inauguration filled with glitz and gala – watch the quick spending of our government – almost $70 million of tax payer money for this “event”. And watch the millions follow this man right down the path towards Socialism. Yet I will not follow - I will demand change. I will demand free markets and capitalism. I will demand my voice be heard – please join me today!

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