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  • What Did You See at the Inauguration?

    by Founder on January 21, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Did you watch the inauguration? Or did you have to work? Were you busy working so you could pay your taxes? How about the couple of million people who were in Washington to see the inauguration? Did they have to work? Do they pay taxes?

    Most tax paying citizens couldn’t go to the inauguration because we have to work about 40% of the year – just to pay our taxes! This being the case – our government must have loads of “extra: money – right? After all, We the People keep sending them our money – they must have boat loads of extra money – right? Oh that’s right our government is broke – but you couldn’t tell that by watching this inauguration. It looked like a parade for a KIng.

    As an outsider watching this inauguration, one must think that we are the richest nation in the world. Just turning on the inauguration you can see the glitz and glamor. You can see the entertainers and the smiling faces and all the fancy clothes everyone is wearing – especially our new First Lady elect with her $1500 shawl. Ladies, do you have a $1500 shawl? Or do you actually have to budget your money? Unlike the royalty – that is our government.

    When I saw the inauguration, all I saw was a gross misallocation of tax payer money. Every time I mistakenly landed on a station that had the inauguration – I just saw money flying out the door – money that is greatly needed for other areas. This is just a glimpse into the administration of Obama and their decision making process. By spending close to $100 million on this inauguration, the American government has firmly shown that they are now operating void of any common sense or accountability. This administration will spend money like none before. This administration will spend tax payer money, printed money and bank created money with no regard to the national debt or the future of America’s children. Thanks government.

    This is a crazy idea – but here was my dream inauguration scenario. January 20 comes and Obama, his family and all the top cabinet members gather in the oval office. The TV cameras are all positioned to catch this moment. Obama is sworn in, recites his oath and then turns to the camera and says “Thank you for this opportunity America – it is now time to get to work”. He then excuses all family members and with his cabinet all present, he closes the oval office doors and begins to work on reducing our national debt and righting this government once again. That would have been the true actions of someone who is concerned with America’s financial situation. That was my dream. Total cost of the inauguration? – nothing. Where to put the $100 million – begin to pay down the debt.

    What can you think of – that would have been a better use of that $100 million? The problem is that our government doesn’t think $100 million is a lot of money any more -Â that is how out of touch they are.

    It is more important now than at any time in our history – for We the People to act. We must make a stand and stop this out of control government spending and waste – or your financial future and your children’s financial future will be in jeopardy. This President’s objective is to spend outrageous amounts of money – as he says “for the common good of the people” - redistribute money from those that have it to the poor and create a the biggest and most wasteful government our country has ever had to endure.

    Please stand with me. Don’t just sit back and let this thievery continue. Stand for the Constitution and what it says. Stand for our American principles, values and God. Make your voice heard, protect your children’s future and live the American dream – you know, the one that the Constitution promises. Obama’s first lie in office was the first line he said – when he promised and swore that he will uphold the Constitution and all it says – a blatant lie.

    When I saw the inauguration – I saw excess, irresponsibility and a head in the sand attitude. It’s time to wake up America – our country as we knew it – is slipping into Socialism faster than you think. Please, make your voice heard today.

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