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  • American Government – No Common Sense – No Principles

    by Founder on January 22, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It seems that our government now makes its policies and decisions with only corruption in mind. Let’s look ate three examples of how the new administration will be no different than any of the past and how the new administration will be filled with deceit and manipulation.

    Three sample topics – Timothy Geithner, Barney Frank and Guantanamo.

    Timothy Geithner has already admitted he didn’t pay his taxes – yet our elected officials seem to think he is the perfect choice to run our nation’s treasury department. This is the man who will be in charge of the bail outs – but he didn’t “know” he had to pay his taxes. Our government has no principles as they will gladly welcome this liar and thief into their exclusive club. This “genius” will be in charge of the IRS and who gets and who doesn’t get bail out money. A great example of a government with NO COMMON SENSE.

    Barney Frank – who has been screaming and rallying for “transparency” and accountability – apparently doled out millions of dollars to a black owned and black run bank in Massachusetts – his home state. What did this bank do with your tax payer dollars that Barney Frank gave them? They went out and bought homes and cars – a 2008 Porsche to be exact. This is the leader of our banking Committee just giving away this money to his constituents – and getting away with it. No accountability, no transparency – no jail time for Barney Frank. A great example of our government having no principles.

    Guantanamo – Barack Obama – who is against the “torture” of our enemy – is choosing to close this prison camp and instead allow these criminals a fair trial in the U.S. court system. This move alone will cost the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars – wasted away by attempting to coddle the very people who want to kill us and destroy America. Another example of our government having NO COMMON SENSE – and just displaying a liberal stupidity – only reserved for those who are trying to please everyone all at the same time – while ticking off most honest, tax paying Americans.

    America’s ideals of honesty, morals and principles seem to not exist anymore. Our founding fathers said that in order to have a government that oversees a free society – our leaders must have morals, principles and honesty. Our current elected officials have no concern with morals, honesty and principles – they are only concerned with power, greed and corruption – a pathetic state of affairs that has led society as a whole to distrust the government and all they do.

    Now our government – being run by these corrupt, liberal politicians – with no principles -Â believes that they and only they are the answer. Our government has put the American tax payer on the hook for over $7 trillion that has already been guaranteed and they have plans for MORE dramatic and bold action – more outrageous and irresponsible spending.

    Please stand with me and voice your opinion against this insanity. Make your voice heard against the lack of morals, honesty and principles that is pervasive in our government today. Help me bring back common sense to our nation. Help me bring back morals to our government. Help me uphold the Constitution – and grab our government by the shoulders and shake them up! Screw the lawyers, screw the politicians -they are ruining our country – We the People are the bosses. We the People must stand in large numbers and petition against our government – they are against us – we must be against them. It is time for the people’s revolution. Please join me today.

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