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  • Executive Orders – Get Used to It

    by Founder on January 22, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Now that America has voted Obama into office – it is now time to see how the man will act. Within three days of being in office he has levied five Executive Orders – three of which are here for you now. Executive orders are for the purposes of an emergency – but Obama is already throwing them around like they were candy.

    This man wants to run our country like a dictatorship and use his multi racial background to further his Socialistic plans. He knows the power of race in America – and knows how to use it to further himself and his causes. Just listen to Larry King the other day – he said that his eight year old son wants to be black. Why would this boy say this or think this? To be a race other than that he is? You can thank the media for this creation. Race is unimportant and irrelevant to me – but to some it is of vital importance – and our president is one of them.

    Also in his first few days and even before he was President – Obama was given the OK to  distribute the other $350 Billion of TARP and has asked to spend another $850 Billion! We must stop this insanity!

    Here are the wordings of Barack the almighty’s “Executive Orders” – get used to them. This is just the beginning and why we must rise up and stop this march towards Socialism.

    Executive Order Regarding Guantanamo Bay Detainees

    (here Obama releases 245 terrorists)

    Executive order requires closure of the Guantanamo detention center no later than one year from the date of the order. Closure of the facility is the ultimate goal but not the first step. The order establishes a review process with the goal of disposing of the detainees before closing the facility.

    The order sets up an immediate review to determine whether it is possible to transfer detainees to third countries, consistent with national security. If transfer is not approved, a second review will determine whether prosecution is possible and in what forum. The preference is for prosecution in Article III courts or under the Uniform Code of Military Justice but military commissions, perhaps with revised authorities, would remain an option. If there are detainees who cannot be transferred or prosecuted, the review will examine the lawful options for dealing with them. The attorney general will coordinate the review and the secretaries of defense, state and homeland security as well as the (director of national intelligence) and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will participate.

    The executive order directs the secretary of state to seek international cooperation aimed at achieving the transfers of detainees.

    The order directs the secretary of defense to halt military commission proceedings pending the results of the review.

    Finally, the executive order requires that conditions of confinement at Guantanamo, until its closure, comply with Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions and all other applicable laws.

    Executive Order Regarding Detainee Policy

    (here Obama releases another 100 or so terrorists)

    Executive order creates a special task force, co-chaired by the attorney general and the secretary of defense, to conduct a review of detainee policy going forward. The group will consider policy options for apprehension, detention, trial, transfer or release of detainees. Other task force participants include the secretary of state, the secretary of homeland security, the director of national intelligence, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The special task force must submit its report to the president within 180 days.

    Executive Order Regarding Interrogation

    Executive order revokes Executive Order 13440 that interpreted Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. It requires that all interrogations of detainees in armed conflict, by any government agency, follow the Army Field Manual interrogation guidelines. The order also prohibits reliance on any department of justice or other legal advice concerning interrogation that was issued between September 11, 2001, and January 20, 2009.

    The order requires all departments and agencies to provide the (International Committee of the Red Cross) access to detainees in a manner consistent with department of defense regulations and practice. It also orders the CIA to close all existing detention facilities and prohibits it from operating detention facilities in the future.

    Finally, the order creates a special task force with two missions. The task force will conduct a review of the Army Field Manual interrogation guidelines to determine whether different or additional guidance is necessary for the CIA. It will also look at rendition and other policies for transferring individuals to third countries to be sure that our policies and practices comply with all obligations and are sufficient to ensure that individuals do not face torture and cruel treatment if transferred. This task force will be led by the attorney general with the secretary of defense and the director of national intelligence as co-vice chairs.

    Presidential Memorandum on Review of the Detention of al-Marri

    The president instructed the attorney general, the secretaries of defense, state and homeland security, and the director of national intelligence to conduct a review of the status of the detainee Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri who is currently held at the Naval Brig in Charleston, S.C. This will ensure the same kind of legal and factual review is undertaken of the al-Marri case that is being undertaken of the Guantanamo cases.

    These are his orders – what is next? Will he next end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military? Will he soon try to quiet talk radio. He will do both of these. Please people, make your voice heard today – before it is too late!

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