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  • The Banks are the Problem

    by Founder on January 24, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It’s all about the money. Just follow the money. The banks control the Federal Reserve and the banks control the money supply. Because of the incredible greed of the banking industry and its executives, America is now in a terrible financial position.

    The government desperately pushed to have these banks give out mortgage loans to people who neither had the credit nor the income to pay them back. Our government wanted all classes of society to own a home – they wanted to empower the poor – to selfishly gain their votes. All of these loans were guaranteed and promised to be backed by the almighty government - which is why banks couldn’t have cared less about the validity of the loan or its ability to be paid back. Greed reared it’s ugly head in a real bad way.

    All the top officials in our government are closely tied in with the top banking officials – whether it’s through their cocktail parties or just through long time friendships – the banking industry has our government officials – especially our Treasury Secretary and Banking Committee Chairman – in their back pocket. And now with the new administration welcoming in Socialism – the government and the banks will soon become one.

    This is the reason that our elected officials have no concern with how these banks are spending the billions in tax payer money that was simply given to them – even though they were running their businesses into the ground with irresponsibility and greed. The government gave all their buddies in the banking industry – who already make millions – more money, more millions, more billions. This insanity must stop – the people must rise up and stop these Socialists from throwing our future and our democracy right down the drain.

    Bank of America – a failing, misrun mammoth bank recently purchased Merrill Lynch at a time when they had no business doing so. Before their imminent takeover, Merrill Lynch was about to report a fourth quarter LOSS of $15.45 Billion – the Merrill Lynch executives then decided to fast forward their year end bonuses to ensure they received them before the sale to Bank of America – and Bank of America knew they were doing this. They doled out millions in bonuses just days before they were taken over by Bank of America.

    This bank should not only, not receive any more bail out money – they should be required to give the money back that they have already received – yet we all know this will never happen – as the money has been quickly wasted already.

    Bank of America received $25 Billion before its acquisition of Merrill Lynch – now because it doesn’t have enough money to complete its acquisition – Bank of America is asking for more – and getting it! They have just struck another deal with the government to get an additional $20 Billion! Plus our government agreed to back any other losses they incur because of their bad assets! What?

    Do you realize how loosely our government spends and gives away your money? Doesn’t this bother you? If you listen to all the “blind faith” supporters of Obama – it’s like they will not be effected by these new plans, his new Socialist plans – but little do they know – give it some time, they will.

    Aren’t you just ticked off that our government thinks their tax payers are fools? Behind closed doors these officials are laughing at the apathy the American people are showing – all the while our elected officials gain more and more power – further entrenching their personal financial wealth – at the expense of every tax payer in the country.

    Please rise with me and make your voice heard. Do not just sit around and let the government keep growing and growing, if you do – you will not recognize this society within 4 years. America will have changed so drastically that a reversal back to Capitalism will be most difficult to achieve. Please make your voice heard and help me petition our government to once again follow the Constitution and its teachings. Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution.

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