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  • Capitalism is in the Rear View Mirror

    by Founder on January 26, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Our government has somehow hypnotized the American tax payer. Somehow our government has convinced the people that by spending unheard of amounts of money and printing this money out of thin air – they will produce an economic stimulus. But as the Obama “stimulus” package emerges into public view you will see that it is not a “stimulus” package at all – it is an unconstitutional infusion of money into our economy that two thirds of is doing NOTHING to stimulate the economy.

    Actually stimulating the economy is not high on the administration’s agenda – rather global warming is, as well as doling out money for useless Socialistic projects. Once the bailout specifics are released we will examine them here and you will see the mind boggling waste that Obama has allowed to infest this disastrous financial mistake. Obama thinks that ONLY government can save the American people – in other words – Capitalism seems to be in the rear view mirror and getting farther away as time goes on – but the good news? I can still see it – there is still hope, but we must all act.

    One out of every three dollars of the new “stimulus” goes towards making the government larger – zero goes toward making the government smaller. A bigger government means we are digging our economic and freedom hole deeper and deeper. Good money is being thrown into bad banks. Good money is being thrown at our education system again – our government has spent way too much on education and yet the American school system and our children’s grades ranks very low relative to the rest of the world – even though the rest of the world spends far less – but Obama wants to throw more money at this problem.

    The markets themselves must be allowed to rebalance the economy – not the government. Government intervention merely slows everything down and eliminates any chance of efficiency – yet our Socialistic leaders insist that only government can solve your problems – they have no faith in you – in us – in We the People.

    We need the opposite of what the government is doing – the opposite! We need the American people AND our government to stop spending and start saving. America is living beyond its means and we must allow the economy to “naturally” reset – not have it manipulated by our corrupt government as the results will only be Socialism and a massive redistribution of wealth.

    Are you in support of our government printing all this money out of thin air? Are you supportive of the government running the health care system and having the government have access to every tax payers medical history? Is this what you want? Do you want to live in a Socialist society? Do you want the government telling you everything you can and cannot do? What happened to our free society? Why is it that the government is simply taking everything over? Stop this insanity!

    THIS IS NOT A STIMULUS PACKAGE! Most of this package will be spent next year in 2010 – only $26 Billion will be spent this year and the rest over the next 10 years! This is ridiculous! Less than $5 Bilion will be spent on infrastructure this year! This entire package is a sham. Wake up people! Our government is once gain scamming all the tax payers and helping to give more money – your money – to the poor. Our government is again lying to us and no one is doing anything about it.

    If our elected officials misappropriate billions of dollars there is no problem – but if you as a citizen fail to return a library book you are going to jail. If you don’t pay a couple hundred in taxes they will garnish your pay. These people in our government who are claiming to protect us from dangerous terrorists are the same people who are throwing our country’s financial future out the window and obligating many future generations to pay for our debt – are you happy about this? Who is more dangerous to our freedoms - the terrorists in the Middle East or the economic terrorists in our own government?

    America desperately needs you. We must wake up and voice our opinions against this insanity. We must protect Capitalism. Obama, his cabinet, Nancy Pelosi and most of the other elected officials in our government now favor Socialism and big government. They want to nationalize all industries and bring you under their control. Please sign in and voice your opinion.

    This desired $825 billion is the biggest spending package of all time and it must be stopped! They are telling us this will be the last one – but don’t believe them. This is the New Deal in 2009. There is no need for our government to panic – but they are. Let us bring common sense back to our government. Stand with me and help me rid our government of our corrupt politicians. Please, do not feel as all is lost. I can still see Capitalism in the rear view mirror – it is not gone altogether. Rise up with me and stand tall – voice your opinion and be an American for the Constitution.

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