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  • Conservatives and Liberals – All for What?

    by Founder on January 27, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Have you listened to people argue back and forth about politics? Of course, we all have. Some of these people openly call them selves “liberals” and some of these people openly call themselves “conservatives” – Democrats or Republicans. These are labels, that for some reason, people in politics like to put on themselves. Yet, don’t these labels close their brains?

    Saying you are one or the other – what does that really mean? Isn’t that a little odd to actual put a label on yourself? Is that like an infliction that you have? Or is it a state of being? By looking at you can one tell which you are? Wouldn’t putting yourself in a category like that somewhat restrict your free thinking process?

    Does anyone really know what these labels mean? When one says that they are a liberal, does that mean that in any given situation you could guess how they feel or think – by simply taking the “liberal” point of view? Is that a true thinker? Is this the type of person we want as a leader?

    You listen to one side against the other and they say “oh you liberals” or “oh you conservatives” or you “right wingers” etc. This is all hogwash, a waste of time and child’s play. Name calling is for kids. When people look back at this time 300 years from today, they will think of how stupid and petty all those people were at the beginning of 2000.

    Where are the great thinkers of our time? Where are the great men and women of character who we can actually quote? Or should we just be quoting all the script writers these days? Do any of our leaders actually speak from the heart anymore? In the end, picking labels and picking sides is probably a good part of the reason that America has been guided in the direction of Socialism – and people are loving it! Obama supporters love what this guy is doing. But give it some time.

    Is there a special “force field” that surrounds these supporters that will protect them from Obama’s new government? Are these people immune to the enormous government debt that will saddle them and their children? Are these people immune to the stealing away of our freedoms? Will there come a day when these supporters – in the quiet of their own minds – say to themselves – “What have I done?” “Who have we really put in office”?

    At this point, all of Obama’s supporters feel it is “too early” to judge this man and his performance in office. For instance – all of his supporters to a one, will agree with what Obama has just done concerning his first formal TV interview. But does it worry YOU that last night Obama gave his first formal television interview with the Arabic TV network Al-Arabiya? They have a potential audience of 23 million Arabs in the Gulf. Do you feel this was the right thing for him to do? Or should he have instead spoken, first, to the American people – to those who voted him into office? He will next speak to Iran – you watch.

    In the speck of time we are all here, why does it really matter if you are a conservative or a liberal? Why not just be a thinker? Why not be a purveyor of common sense? Why not have it so no one can guess your stance on a particular issue because you must first “think” it through? What is it with this pathetic liberal/conservative thing? It seems so petty and small. Everybody needs to get over it and band together to guide this country in the right direction – the direction mapped out for us in the Constitution.

    What about our media? Can you actually believe that the media is categorized by liberal and conservative thought? And that TV stations with so called “reporters” are actually deemed to be completely biased for certain people or ideas? What kind of reporting is this? Is there no true objective reporting anymore? Or is everyone infested with their “label”. What kind of insanity is this? What kind of insanity is now running our government?

    History will tell what happens with the America of 2009. History will show very selfish, greedy leaders whose blind corruption led them to bring down the strongest economy in the world – yet who were gladly voted into office. History will show the outrageous panic reaction that the American government had to this economic meltdown and how their actions made the problem even worse.

    But it seems that the “liberals” and ‘conservatives” will still go on and on and on – and the only thing they care about is whether they are right and whether their candidate can prove them right. They don’t really care about the well being of the country – they only want to be right – in their own little selfish world. So keep putting those labels on yourselves and your minds will close tighter and tighter – when you wake up – don’t be surprised if your “leader” has deemed himself “king” or “Dictator”.

    Please people put away the blinders. Stop with the labels. Become a thinker and use your common sense. Sign in today and become an American for the Constitution. Support the Constitution and all it says. Support the true America – Capitalism, free markets, small government and the pursuit of prosperity and happiness. Make your voice heard today.

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