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  • Lack of Morality is America’s Problem

    by Founder on January 28, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Everyone keeps prognosticating about the causes of the economic catastrophe and the inefficiencies of our government – coming up with as many different reasons as there are opinions. Now it is time for my opinion. It is clear to me that a lack of “morality” is America’s #1 problem more than anything else. This is the root of all our government problems. Our government officials are corrupt.

    We only need to look at the recent appointment of Timothy Geithner to head the Treasury Department and the IRS to learn that our elected leaders have no problem with having a tax fraud be IN CHARGE OF THE IRS! That situation is like a comedic sitcom – only thing is – it’s a very serious situation that is jeopardizing our country’s economic future. It’s one thing for Obama to appoint a cheat – it’s another for our entire Congress to welcome him with open arms. Our government has a severe lack of morality.

    In addition, our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was also almost unanimously approved for her new position – even though she will travel all over the world speaking to world leaders as her husband Bill Clinton gives speeches to these same audiences for millions of dollars – no problem there right? But the public soon forgets these things.

    Shouldn’t our government officials – who we trust with important decisions – be held to a “higher standard” than the public? Shouldn’t they at least require the head of the IRS not be a tax cheat? It’s easy to find tax cheats out there – but it’s not easy to find upright, honest men and women of character – the type of people who should really be leading this country. America definitely has a morality problem. Can you honestly now say that you trust the government?

    Do you trust this “stimulus bill”? Is it a stimulus bill. What will it stimulate? You must understand that this is not a stimulus bill – rather it is the biggest scam ever to be played out on the American people. This is the biggest SPENDING bill ever! Obama is going to hand out this money like it was candy. This makes Bernie Madoff look like chump change. I believe that those in power think the economy will fail – eventually. By that time they will have all taken care of themselves financially – while hard working Americans get the shaft. And when the economy fails the government will be right there – owning just about everything – with their greedy, inefficient hands in everything – and ready to “lead” the people – through a system of Socialism.

    Those of you who support and voted for the new administration know this – Obama wants total power – make no mistake about it. He wants this to be a Socialistic, government owned and controlled society. Is this what you want? Is this what your dream was for your children? Or do you want your “old” America back?

    It is clear by his actions during his first week in office, that with the Democrats controlling the Congress (and basically worshiping this man) – that this administration will be able to get anything they want through Congress and no one will be able to stop them. Corrupt, inept people with no morals running the show – How does that make you feel? As a tax paying American citizen – I ask – How does that make you feel?

    How does it make you feel that thousands and maybe millions of people are calling Congress and their representatives telling them to not pass the stimulus package – and yet – it will still be passed? We as a people have no representation in Washington anymore. Who is fighting for us? Who is fighting for the people anymore? Who is there that will stand up and say “NO” to this bill – where is this leader?

    Our elected officials have basically locked themselves away from the public with their security guards, fences and big federal buildings and have become immune to what We the People say or want. They like to still say the people have a voice – but right now we do not – they have shut it down. Our government is unfortunately very corrupt and has lost all morality – they are on a path to financial disaster.

    Without morality, important financial decisions cannot be made with the people in mind. So what are we to do? Do we have to wait until 2010 when many Senators are up for re-election – and vote them out? Is there any other way? If we wait for anything anymore – it may be too late.

    In my dream I see the people over taking the government buildings and kicking out all these bums. I see so many people that we have flooded these buildings and are yelling success from the windows. Can this happen? If millions of people just get fed up and go to Washington, can we take over the buildings and boot these thieves who have robbed our children’s future? And then I woke up – we need this to happen – America, what other way is there? Are we to sit back and let these people steal our money and our children’s money?

    The American people and our government need morality again – no good will occur until morality, trust and character are instilled back into our government. The American people need to be able to trust politicians. We need to hold our government officials to a higher standard than the average person. Please stand with me and make your voice heard. Use this as a forum to speak up. We must use our Constitutional rights to stop this insanity in our government.

    If nothing is done over the next 4-8 years and Obama is allowed to shape this country into his warped view of what he thinks it should be like – then get ready for this – your kids and your kids kids will work for the government – one way or the other – either on their payroll or just in the form of paying 60%-80% of their income in taxes and working one half to three quarters of the year – just to pay their taxes. Stand with me and support common sense and the Constitution. Make your voice heard today.

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