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  • Obama – The Great Pretender

    by Founder on January 29, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It sure seems that the new President elect is not really living up to his campaign promises. Is this the man that the people really thought they were electing into office? Or was it that the people who elected him in really didn’t think? Was Obama just pretending while campaigning – saying anything just to get into office?

    Did his supporters know he was to make five Executive Orders in his first eight days and push through a TRILLION dollar spending bill? I didn’t hear any of this while the campaign was going on. Nor did I hear him railing about how he was going to go and give his first TV interview to Arab TV. Did anyone else hear him speak of these things?

    I did, however, hear him just a few days ago promise the American people that he would not appoint any lobbyists – because he was a man of “change” – what does he do right after that promise? He appointed some lobbyists – three major lobbyists. Is this the kind of loose morality we can expect from Obama?

    Today Obama made news because he blasted Wall Street executives for taking massive bonuses – calling these people “shameful” – saying he was “shocked by the bonuses” and the “irresponsibility of Wall Street” – yet while he was giving this arrogant speech, standing next to him was Timothy Geithner.

    Why is this so hypocritical? Because Geithner himself received a $435,000 bonus from the Federal Reserve of New York right before he left there. And that was on top of his $411,000 salary for being President of the Fed. Was Obama referring to Geithner’s bonus or salery? I don’t think so. It was the height of arrogance and hypocracy for Obama to lambast Wall Street while standing right beside him was the man he appointed to the Treasury – who himself had received this same type of large bonus.

    Now, Obama wants to desperately push through his TRILLION dollar spending bill that gives money to crooks, lobbyists, illegal aliens and non tax payers. He has appointed a tax cheat to head the IRS. He broke his promis against appointing lobbyists in just two days. He has chosen to close Gitmo without having any plan or idea as to what to do with the prisoners. And he had the odacity to spend $150 Million on his coronation. He shows up for work at 9AM – huh? The President of the United States shows up for work at 9AM? What does he think this is an insurance agency? Is this the man his supporters voted in? Is this what they wanted?

    You heard right, the Great Pretender spent $150 Million on his inauguration – but that doesn’t include the $21 Million it took to clean up the Washington Mall – which was trashed like it was a rock concert – has the media showed you pictures of this? Oh they didn’t? – that’s because they don’t want you to see what kind of people make up his supporters – and the disrespect they had for those grounds.

    Yes, Obama has revealed quite a bit in his short time in office. I think he has already disillusioned many of his supporters and his actions may have woken up the country to exectly who this man is and what his plans are.

    Please call your Senator and ask them to vote “No” to the Stimulus Bill. Make your voice heard anyway you can. Use this forum to voice your opinion. We must act. We must be strong – our country is under attack. Capitalism is being pushed out by Socialism – We the People must push back! Make you voice heard today.

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