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  • Daniel Shay’s Rebellion – the Start of it All

    by Founder on January 30, 2009

    in History Lessons

    There comes a point when the people just decide that enough is enough and this point may be coming soon for the American people. This makes me think back to the great Daniel Shays. Back during the Revolutionary War, the farmers of New England participated in the victory by America – yet when it came time to be paid for their service – the government turned a cold shoulder.

    It was Daniel Shays who stood up to this injustice. He took charge of a group and led a charge on a Federal arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts in January 1787. In response to this revolution, Federal troops under Revolutionary War General Benjamin Lincoln came from Boston to defend the British stronghold.

    During the short battle four men were killed and 20 wounded – all for what? – For the principles these men stood for. They knew what was right and what the government should have done. But when the government did not act in these people’s best interest – rather than just letting it happen – these revolutionaries – headed by Daniel Shays made a stand. They stood for what they believed in. They stood for what was right.

    After this confrontation, it was soon realized that the national government under the Articles of Confederation was powerless to raise money to pay back any debt or to even pay back the soldiers for their service because each law that was to be passed had to be approved by every state – just one state saying “No” meant that the bill was defeated.

    Therefore out of all of this – out of the lives that were lost in Springfield, Massachusetts – came the idea and the notion that a stronger Federal government was needed. And so came the birth of America and it’s Constitution – Later, in 1787 the Constitution became a reality.

    You can thank the forming of a right and just government on this man Daniel Shays, who stood up for something that he believed in. This man did not just sit back and say “Oh well, there’s nothing we can do” – no – this man took action. And action is what is needed in America right now. Not the kind of spending action that the government wants but the action of the American people – to speak up and make their voices heard loud and clear.To speak up for capitalism and the free markets.

    The administration right now has no problem with passing trillions of dollars in debt along to the next generation – are you for this? Is this fair to our children and their children? Bring out the Daniel Shays in yourself – make a stand. Please get involved and make your voice heard. Stand up for the principles of what is right and just. Stand up for what Daniel Shays stood for. Stand up for yourself.

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