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  • The First 100 Days – Of Taxpayer Torture

    by Founder on January 30, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    So what do YOU think? How has Obama done in his first 100 days as president of the United States? All I know is that Obama’s first 100 days may actually last for decades UNLESS We the People rise up to CHANGE what this man has done and is intending to do. Obamas’s first 100 days may have buried the Constitution forever – OR it may have awakened the sleeping giant that is the American taxpayer.

    Let’s take a look at a brief summary of what has transpired in the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency. I am sure I may leave out some other disturbing Obama incidents/policies – but – with this brief list – I am sure you will get the idea.

    1. At the beginning of his tenure he has supervised the distribution of hundred’s of billions of dollars in TARP money that has ultimately gone completely unaccounted for.
    2. The AIG bonus fiasco was under his watch as the Congress overturned the Constitution by singling out individuals to punish and tax. Nothing was done by Obama to intervene on the side of common sense (and the Constitution).
    3. Then there are his many appointments – such as the tax cheat Timothy Geithner who, in the bizarre world of Washington today – is head of the IRS! Then there are the appointments of many far left extremely liberal minded individuals to lead the other departments – like Hillary, Rahm Emanuel (who LOVES a good crisis), a transnational legal counsel who speaks poorly of the Constitution and 50% of his appointments are from the Clinton administration – believe me folks it is government as usual ONLY WORSE!
    4. Obama has traveled the world sucking up all the praise of “the world” – gallivanting around apologizing for America and its ways. Apologizing for what America has done to the world rather than touting – as its president – the great things that America stands for ALL OVER THE WORLD. None of this occurred – just hatred for America and Capitalism.
    5. Bank Nationalization – The take over and control of our banks – all of course – for the “good of the people” – scary. This is the first step towards total government control of a society – to control its money!
    6. The firing by Obama of the CEO of a PRIVATE industry company – General Motors – and the desired take over of the American automotive business – brutally bullying around this entire industry as he dangled billions in their faces – these people were guaranteed the billions no matter how lame their “presentations” to Congress were – it was all for show by our Congressional weasels.
    7. The recent cover up of the bonuses paid to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives (they got MORE money than the AIG executives) – no outrage here – only at that big bad Capitalism company – AIG – further brainwashing Obama’s supporters that it is only the government that can save them. Sickening.
    8. The appointment of Czars – the arrogant appointment of what he calls “Czars” – his way of circumventing Congress and the Constitution. Watch what he tries to do with these “czars”.
    9. He had a great start by taking the presidential oath WITHOUT a bible – a glaring example of his lack of understanding of how this country was founded and on what principles – thus showing his blatant anti-American stance.
    10. Cozying up with world leaders as he traveled the globe – making agreements with these other anti-American leaders that he has NO authority to make – directly going against the Constitution – like he or the media really cares?
    11. Obama has introduced his $3.6 Trillion budget that says “yes” to thousands of government programs and overpaid wasteful agencies that will bankrupt this country and create deficits that will be passed on from generation to generation. When a child is born in the U.S. today – he or she has a bill for $22,.000 – nice job Obama. If it was so bad when you took office why didn’t you try to REDUCE the size of the government and the deficit instead of massively expanding it? His borrowing, printing and taxing is the WRONG medicine for what ails America – I don’t know if America can survive him for 4 years.
    12. He wants to give amnesty to the 30 million illegal immigrants that are in this country and has hired a Homeland Security chief who would LOVE to give them all amnesty – today! If Obama and the Democrats get through the amnesty of these illegals – then you can kiss what you knew as America – goodbye! Amnesty = votes for Obama = Fascism, Socialism and Communism. At that point there’s no sense in even calling the country “America” anymore – very sad. We as taxpayers CANNOT let this happen!
    13. Obama wants to roll out his new Health Care plan – so, um, uh, – who’s going to pay for it? Do you want even higher taxes? Do you want the government to have even MORE control over your lives? I vote “No” on this one.
    14. Why does there have to be a question over this president’s birth place – there is so much evidence that Obama was NOT born in America – yet NO ONE will even entertain listening to this – what does this say? What if he is NOT an American citizen? Look at what this “foreigner”, America hater is doing to our Constitution? What if…..?
    15. Obama is RAISING taxes – because of his outrageous budget – to cover it he MUST tax the little people – you know people like – you and me! Taxes will be levied on almost anything and everything you can think of and even more – it will not stop. This is how Democrats operate – there is NO growth in the private sector – only in the government.
    16. When have you heard Obama talk about the LARGEST employer in the United states? You know – the small business owner! We employ 70% of all those employed in the country yet King Obama wants to use us to give OUR money to those “less fortunate” – do you agree with this? Where is OUR bailout? We are the entity that is too big to fail – not those pathetic, corrupt super large corporations!
    17. When did Obama mention the recent Tea Parties? Anybody here him discuss this? Or address the nation on a special broadcast to speak to the massive unrest among the taxpayers? Did he do this or anything at all? The answer is “no” – because Obama has his OWN agenda – and he’s going to try to get it done WITH or WITHOUT you. This is why the taxpayers MUST squash his hopes for “change”.
    18. Obama has recently cozied up to the worlds more “popular” Commies – Castro and Chavez – as he was with them it appeared to be in almost a giddyish, jealous sort of way – like Obama was envious of THEIR control over THEIR country’s. Maybe he was getting a few tips?
    19. Showing his true colors and the level of his class, Obama gives the Queen of England an IPod – that contained videos and audios of HIS speeches – gee great gift Barack – your such a classy guy. That day made me hide my head under the covers as an American.
    20. Finally Obama’s rush towards Socialism as he pushes his program of income redistribution – taking from those WITH and giving to those WITHOUT. This is a very scary scenario and has NOTHING to do with the REAL America – with the philosophies, values and principles that America was founded upon.

    The people of this land – our elected officials, government workers and those that leech off of the government – you must all understand that THIS IS AMERICA – it doesn’t have to be changed from the Constitution – if you want to change it and don’t like it – then GET OUT! Don’t infiltrate our government and our Republic and corruptly attempt to alter the very foundation of our society. This is treasonous and the American taxpayer will NOT allow this – I guarantee it!

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    The taxpayer can only be pushed so far and we will then march on our government with Constitution in hand DEMANDING America and if necessary FORCING America! Please people rise up with me and make your voice heard today! Sign in as an American for the Constitution and help us take our country back. Do you really want to leave Barack’s America to YOUR children?

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